‘St. Vincent’ Review: Pete Hammond On Bill Murray’s Not Saintly But Superb Work

Bill Murray plays the anything-but-saintly curmudgeon at the heart of St. Vincent, the comedy-drama from the Weinstein Company and, as I say in this DeadlineNow video review, Murray gives a blessedly good performance.

The film, which debuts Friday and expands wide on Oct. 24, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is directed by Theodore Melfi, from a script he wrote based on his own experiences taking in the daughter of his late brother.

The cast also includes Jaeden Lieberher, as the likable and real neighbor kid who ends up more or less under Murray’s wing, Melissa McCarthy as the boy’s mom; Naomi Watts in a terrific turn as a pregnant Russian stripper, Chris O’Dowd and Terrence Howard.

If the Academy and other awards outfits are ever willing to recognize a comedy performance (a lot to ask, I know), this performance by Murray is worthy of their attention. Let us know what you think of the film.

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