David Muir

ABC’s World News Tonight won the week of September 29 with total viewers, in the news-demo, and among 18-49 year olds — the first time the newscast has pulled that off since 2008. Among overall audience, it was the ABC newscast’s first win in 264 weeks — snapping NBC Nightly News’s 263-week winning streak. It was ABC’s ninth consecutive newscast win in the news demo. Season to date, ABC’s newscast is No. 1 in its genre in all three metrics.

ABC’s David Muir-anchored newscast clocked 8.416 million viewers, 2.204 million news demo viewers,  and 1.528 million 18-49-year-old  viewers for the week. NBC’s Brian Williams-anchored newscast logged 8.250 million viewers, 1.937 million news demo viewers and 1.416 million younger viewers. Scott Pelley-anchored CBS Evening News trailed with 6.614 million viewers, including 1.602 million in the news demo and 1.147 million aged 18-49.

ABC’s newscast was up 10% in overall audience and 16% in the news demo versus same week last year. NBC’s newscast was down 3% in overall crowd and 13% in the news demo, while CBS’s finished flat with viewers of all ages and down 2% in the news demo.

World News Tonight recently celebrated taking the news demo for the month of September for the first time in seven years.