Superman Rights Case: Supreme Court Closes Door

Superman won’t be flying into the Supreme Court anytime soon, after the high court today denied a petition to hear the copyright case filed by the heirs of the superhero’s co-creator Joe Shuster against DC Comics and Warner Bros. The decision comes just days after Marvel and the family of Jack Kirby settled their long-running dispute over the comic legend’s rights to the characters he created or co-created — just before SCOTUS was set to take the matter into conference.

The current case involved the Shuster family’s main lawyer Marc Toberoff, who also repped Kirby’s heirs.

In a brief today, the high court wrote that it denied the petition to hear the case, saying only that Chief Justice John Roberts took no part in the consideration or decision.

In January, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Toboroff’s petition for a rehearing, effectively closing the door on additional requests from the Shuster family. The petition for a SCOTUS review was considered somewhat of a long shot as a result,

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