Showbiz Publicists Aid Ronni Chasen's Firm

R.I.P. Ronni Chasen
Pete Hammond Remembers Ronni Chasen
Oscar Publicist Ronni Chasen Shot And Killed In Beverly Hills Driving Back From ‘Burlesque’ Premiere In Hollywood

Usually the fiercely competitive Hollywood PR landscape is “populated heavily with the most mendacious and vicious group of people”, in the words of one of them. But not today. Throughout the morning and afternoon, rival firms offered their assistance and sustenance to the shocked and grieving employees of Ronni Chasen’s publicity firm. The companies sent their own staff members to assist with phone calls and memorial details as well as lunch for all the personnel. Tonight, Chasen’s friends and former colleagues are gathering at the Four Seasons Hotel outside Beverly Hills to remember her. Producer Scott Rudin is organizing a similar gathering in New York City tomorrow for the people who worked with Ronni. Both groups have asked that the media give them privacy. Today, Ronni’s longtime colleague at Chasen & Co Publicity, Jeff Sanderson, made this tribute which summed up the reaction of so many in the showbiz publicity field: “There was no one like Ronni Chasen. Passionate.  Dedicated. Tenacious. Loyal. Lovable. She was an iconic publicist who loved her clients and always strived to do her best for them. To me she was not only my colleague and mentor for over 18 years, but also my dearest friend and a part of my family. I will feel her loss every day, but she will always be a part of my life.” (Please resend your comments which were mistakenly deleted.)

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