Gee, Why Is Rupert Murdoch In LA Now?

The Los Angeles Times is laying off 70-plus editorial staff on Monday Thursday, so I don’t want to get anyone fired. But why did it take two Business section staffers to write the same Chernin-hasn’t-signed-a-new-contract story today that I posted back on January 30th (see my Peter Chernin’s Contract Negotiation Now Hurting News Corp Stock On Wall Street) — complete with the same analyst’s report? Not only did the pair of LA Times reporters (and I use that term loosely) fail to advance the story, but they see some deep dark meaning in the fact that Rupert Murdoch is now in Los Angeles for regularly scheduled Fox business planning meetings. Hilarious. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that Fox Searchlight is going to win a coupla Academy Awards for a little film called Slumdog Millionaire on February 22nd, and Rupe is planning on enjoying the Oscars party circuit.

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