Jason Mantzoukas Sets Film & TV Projects

Jason Mantzoukas, who has been juggling acting and writing, has sold 2 projects: a feature action comedy pitch I’ve Got Your Girlfriend to 20th Century Fox and a workplace comedy to FX. I’ve Got Your Girlfriend, which is being produced by the Chernin Co., Scot Armstrong and Ravi Nandan, was one of first pitches bought by Jeremy Kramer, Fox’s new EVP of production. It stems from Mantzoukas and Nandan’s desire to do an action comedy in the tradition of Beverly Hills Cop and Die Hard and from their obsession with the 2008 action thriller Taken starring Liam Neeson as a former spy searching for his abducted daughter. “What if we did a comedy version of that?,” Mantzoukas said about the origin of the idea. “Liam is a trained assassin. What if you or me got that call? What would we do? We would get our asses kicked.” In I’ve Got Your Girlfriend, only the central character will be comedic, with the rest envisioned as a Jason Bourne-type action. (more…)

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