Stephen Colbert: “Bill O’Reilly Is A F*cking Egomaniac” (Video)

Stephen Colbert Letterman

“During this last commercial break I found out that I have upset someone very dear to me — Bill O’Reilly,” Stephen Colbert said on his Comedy Central show last nght.  He’s referencing O’Reilly’s having blasted him for mocking O’Reilly’s plan to hire mercenaries to fight ISIS.

“It hurts me to know I hurt the man I admire most, just as Bill would be hurt if he hurt the man he admires most. Himself. Last Thursday I praised Bill’s plan to win the war on terror with an international army of 25,000 paid mercenaries…But somehow, folks, Bill O’Reilly took Bill O’ffense,” Colbert continued.

“I wasn’t mocking your plan — I’m the only one who likes it!”



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