Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ To Open Two Days Early In 35mm, 70mm

Paramount and Warner Bros. announced today that audiences nationwide can catch Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar two days early – projected on film. Starting November 5, Interstellar will screen in advance showings in 240 locations across the U.S. and Canada in 70mm IMAX, 70mm, and 35mm. Two days later the film opens wide as previously announced in 4K and IMAX digital screenings. There were 189 35mm, 41 70mm IMAX, and 10 70mm prints struck for the special film release, a studio source tells me. Film purist Nolan was one of a number of filmmakers who fought to save film stock from extinction at Kodak earlier this summer. The Dark Knight Rises helmer is one of a few directors with the clout to make a traditional film release happen after the majority of exhibitors made the switch to digital projection. He filmed Interstellar on 35mm anamorphic film and 65mm IMAX and seems to have his studio bosses onboard despite the added costs of striking hundreds of film prints for the release: “To see Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar on the big screen is an unforgettable movie going experience,” said Rob Moore, Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures. “From IMAX to traditional film and digital projection, we are pleased that audiences will have the opportunity to see this awe-inspiring film in a wide variety of formats and we are very excited to be making the film available two days early for moviegoers.”

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