NBC’s The Biggest Loser completed its first day of filming while picketed by some 50 striking crew members. The show’s two trainers, Jilian Michaels, who had said she won’t cross the picket line, and Bob Harper, were not scheduled to work, so they didn’t show up at The Biggest Loser Ranch where the reality series is filmed. Among those who did show up and crossed the picket line were executive producers J.D. Roth and Todd Nelson, founders/CEO’s of 3 Ball Prods. (see photo by Jim Stevenson below). Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, will hold a meeting tomorrow to sanction the IATSE-led strike by the crew of The Biggest Loser. A press event is scheduled for 11:15 AM. “The producers of this show want to make their own workers ‘the biggest losers’ and the labor movement in LA is not going to let that happen,” AFL-CIO’s Maria Elena Durazo said in a statement.