China’s ‘Breakup Buddies’: Follow-Up To Smash ‘Lost In Thailand’ Palling Around At Home & Abroad (Video)

With China‘s National Day holiday officially kicking off Wednesday, the Middle Kingdom box office is poised for an extra boost thanks to today’s timely release of Breakup Buddies. The comedy is a sort of follow-up to smash hit Lost In Thailand. That film was key to a surge in local box office at the end of 2012 and made headlines around the globe. Breakup Buddies, which is particularly racy as far as Chinese movies go (check out the trailer above), has the added cachet of releasing in the U.S. later this week. China Lion picked up the film for North America and Australia/New Zealand ahead of its Toronto Film Festival premiere and will send it out in those markets at the end of this week. IM Global acquired the rights before Toronto and is handling it internationally.

The film stars Xu Zheng and Huang Bo and is directed by Chinese comedy helmer Ning Hao (Crazy Stone, Crazy Racer, No Man’s Land). It reunites Xu and Huang in their first comedy since Lost In Thailand. The story finds Gene Hao (Huang) heartbroken after a divorce, leading to a night of heavy drinking followed by a visit to the hospital. His best friend, Hao Yi (Xu), breaks him out, and the two proceed on a cross-country road trip from Beijing to Shanghai to Dali in Southwest China, seeking out new women to make them forget their troubles. (Road trip movies are big in China, think: Lost In Thailand and The Continent.) We’ll have box office numbers this weekend.

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