‘Godzilla’ Roars To Top of DVD and Blu-Ray Sales Charts

Godzilla fans complained the big fella wasn’t in his latest movie enough, but the old fire-breather sure showed up in Rentrak’s latest rankings of DVD and Blu-ray sales, taking the top spot with the franchise’s latest debuting on disc.

Godzilla was one of seven new properties to make the sales top 10, including TV season compilations of Arrow, The Big Bang Theory and Castle

Perhaps the big winner, though, was at No. 2, where The Fault In Our Stars continued its somewhat improbable rise as an all-media uber-success. The Fox drama about teens facing terminal disease and undying romance is perhaps the year’s most profitable theatrical release, at least if you’re figuring by the ratio of receipts to production costs. Based on YouTube powerhouse John Green‘s young-adult novel (and marketed beautifully across social media), the film cost around $12 million to make and has now grossed more than $303.5 million worlwide.

Over on the rental side, it was a completely different story, with only one debut, the amiable urban comedy Think Like A Man Tooamong the top 10, which was topped by Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Both Soldier (No. 3) and Think (No. 6) also made the sales chart.

Many of the other films making the top 10 rentals list had so-so or worse runs in (U.S.) theaters, including Transcendence ($23M), Oculus ($27.6M), Mom’s Night Out ($10.4M), Draft Day ($28.8M) and even, given their casts and expectations, The Other Woman ($83.9M) and Noah ($101.2M domestic). More reason why hope springs eternal in home entertainment. Below are the charts:











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