Oscars Giveth And Taketh Away Fashion

It was announced today that everyone’s favorite fashionista Tim Gunn from Project Runway will host interviews and commentary about Red Carpet fashions during guest arrivals for the 5 PM Oscar pre-show. So I thank the Academy for finally giving us someone who knows what he’s talking about and not just another addled twit who wouldn’t know a Keith Lissner from a Marc Jacobs. (New drinking game: If Tim tells anyone to “Make it work”.) But I also have to bash the people who put on the Oscars for a really lousy decision, and then lying to me about it. I’d heard two weeks ago that the Academy wanted presenters to forgo the Red Carpet and premiere their fashions during the awards show itself to beef up ratings. But when I asked about it, they told me, “Oh, no. We wouldn’t do that.” But they’re doing just that, according to celebrity publicists who are pissed that their clients are being asked to sneak in some side entrance and miss their Red Carpet moment (which is why the designers give them those dresses free in the first place). I say don’t fuck with the fashion. It’s the only thing in the broadcast that works.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2009/02/academy-giveth-and-taketh-away-fashion-8430/