‘Skeleton Twins’ Robust In Specialty Box-Office Expansion; ‘Pride’ Solid In Debut

Even with another flood of specialty film debuts, The Skeleton Twins, the dramedy starring Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, had another impressive box office showing in its third weekend. Meanwhile, another dozen films tried to elbow past last week’s 14 newcomers and numerous others already in the market, to middling success among those reporting.

A trip to Italy promo imageOther than Twins, the holdovers that look like they’re gaining some autumnal momentum include IFC FilmsThe Trip To Italy with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, and more niche-oriented films such as American Experience/PBS Films’ doc Last Days In Vietnam and Oscilloscope’s Art And Craft. Starz Media also scored a robust gross for the second week of Not Coolfeaturing YouTube star Shane Dawson, as it migrated east to New York and was also profiled on a Starz channel doc series.

CBS Films’ Pride can be proud of scoring the weekend’s highest average among new titles. The Cannes and Toronto feature grossed $84,791 in six locations, averaging a cool $14,132, not bad for a film set in the ’80s against the backdrop of labor strife in Thatcher’s Britain. The story centers on an unlikely alliance between LGBT supporters and a Welsh mining village mired in a bitter strike.

The performance was right in the middle of our comps — Extremely Loud $12K PSA and All Is Lost $15K PSA,” CBS said in a statement. “The audience was 54 percent male/46 percent female and 97 percent of moviegoers were 25 years of age and over.”

Pride_Movie_2014_PosterThe distributor said the Friday-to-Saturday jump was 49 percent and they “expect word of mouth to be the film’s strongest asset in the weeks ahead.”

Pride is set for a slow expansion, adding theaters in existing markets next weekend followed by a ‘handful’ of additional cities Oct. 10. CBS said  it will position Pride’s long-term rollout similarly to two of its recent successes that cumed solid grosses as word of mouth spread.

“One of the benefits of our smaller size as a studio is the ability to adapt a release plan according to exactly what’s working,” CBS said. “It served us well on Salmon Fishing In The Yemen ($9 million cume in 2012) and The Kings Of Summer ($1.3 million in 2013). Both of these very different films exceeded expectations.”

Magnolia’s thriller Two Faces Of January opened in 6 locations in the wake of it Aug. 28 ultra-VOD bow, grossing $45K for a $7,500 PTA, second best among newcomers. The film stars Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac. It will add additional markets in the L.A. area next week and a larger expansion is planned for Oct. 10.

Samuel Goldwyn Films’ faith-centered The Song opened 340 theaters, easily the weekend’s biggest rollout among limited releases. It grossed $600K for a $1,765 PTA. The number is certainly slower than some of its most recent faith-inspired titles including Home Run, which opened in a comparable 381 locations in April 2013 with a still so-so $4,153 PTA ($2.86M cume).

Image (4) Gods-Not-Dead-Facebook__140329141946-275x151.jpg for post 706444October 2011’s October Baby, which had a $7,854 PTA with a much smaller initial 13 theaters. That feature went on to cume more than $5.35M. Freestyle enjoyed huge cha-ching with God’s Not Dead, which it opened in March and has cumed $60.7 million.

“We strongly feel this will [be driven] by word of mouth, so that’s why we want to platform it,” said Goldwyn’s Michael Silberman this week. “It’s a better way to ensure longevity.”

In other openers, Bond/360 opened doc Advanced Style in a single location, grossing $6,500. It will head to L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix and other markets throughout October.

We’re thrilled that audiences of all ages filled the theater this weekend,” said Bond/360’s Marc Schiller Sunday. “This is a movie that will have a long life and we’re excited to be bringing it to new cities for many weeks to come.”

Image (12) 20000-days-on-earth__140126051909-275x154.jpg for post 671058IFC Films also had a single-location rollout for Days And Nights, grossing $6,655. Cinema Libre opened Swiss/Luxembourg title The Little Bedroom in one NYC theater, grossing $4K, while eOne opened Two Night Stand in 5 locations, grossing $14,171 for a $2,834 PTA. The film was also available via iTunes for download.

XLrator Media’s Jimi: All Is By My Side reported $96K from 34 locations in its debut weekend, for a per-screen average of $2,829.

Newcomers not reporting numbers Sunday morning include Factory 25’s Hellaware and oddly, the second week of 20,000 Days on Earth, the doc featuring and created by musician Nick Cave. Drafthouse Films, which had the weekend’s highest opening PTA last week with doc 20,000 Days On Earth in one theater, still hasn’t sent along week 2 numbers as of Sunday afternoon. It’s also important to note that 20,000 Days’ first-week numbers were boosted by an off-site event featuring the doc’s star and creator, Nick Cave.

Back to Skeleton Twins, which maintained good momentum into its third week, adding 336 theaters. The film placed 11th in overall box office, grossing over $1.26 million in 385 theaters for a $3,278 PTA.

The Drop Movie (5)Roadside said the feature had only a 25-percent drop in same theaters compared to the previous week. Searchlight’s The Drop was one notch below Skeleton Twins in overall box office, though it played in 746 more runs. The Drop grossed $1.05 million in 1,131 theaters ($928 average) and has a three-week $9.64 million cume.

Starz took Not Cool to New York in its second weekend following one week in Los Angeles. Not Cool heated up back east, grossing $26K in one theater, compared to $10K in L.A. The raunch comedy is one of two titles being profiled on Starz’s doc series The Chair. It became available via various digital outlets on Tuesday, reaching the No. 5 spot on iTunes Movies.

“We’re thrilled with the turnout in support of Shane Dawson‘s Not Cool,” said Mara Winokur, SVP Digital at Starz.  “He’s proving that the large audience he has built on YouTube will follow him into other mediums. It’s very exciting.”

Dawson has more than 6 million subscribers to his YouTube channels, and after nearly a decade there has been gaining traction as a potential cross-over star into more traditional media.

Oscilloscope added 2 locations for Art And Craft in its second weekend, grossing just over $22K for a $5,522 PTA. The film bowed with an $11,500 PTA in two locations last week.

Pump documentary posterSubmarine Deluxe’s fossil-fuels doc Pump continued to flow, adding 3 more runs for a $30,103 gross in 6 theaters ($5,017 PTA, $73,474 cume) while TWC added 24 theaters for travelogue Tracks, grossing $73,240 ($2,616 PTA, $105,387 cume).

A24 shed 153 locations for Tusk’s second frame, grossing $276,586 for a slow $616 PTA. The Kevin Smith-directed feature has cumed $1.411 million.

SPC added 26 runs for Ira Sachs’ Love Is Strange in its 6th week. It grossed over $200K in 138 theaters, averaging $1,451 ($1.85M cume). American Experience/PBS Films’ Last Days In Vietnamdirected by Rory Kennedy, added 7 runs in the Bay Area and San Diego in its fourth weekend. The historical doc grossed more than $53K in 12 locations ($4,420 PTA), adding almost a third to its four-week cume, which stands at over $161K.

In its 10th week, Roadside’s A Most Wanted Man, featuring one of the last performances by Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, crossed the $17 million threshold. The title grossed just over $76K this weekend in 116 theaters ($656 PTA). And IFC Films’ Boyhood crossed $23 million in its 12th weekend. It grossed more than $279K in 229 theaters ($1,220 PTA).


Advanced Style (Bond/360) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $6,500

Jimi: All Is By My Side (XLrator Media) NEW [34 locations} $96189, Average $2,829.

Days And Nights (Sundance Selects) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $6,655

Pride (CBS Films) NEW [6 Theaters] Weekend $84,791, Average $14,132

The Song (Samuel Goldwyn Films) NEW [340 Theaters] Weekend $600K, Average $1,765

The Little Bedroom (Cinema Libre Studios) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $4,000

Two Faces Of January (Magnolia Pictures) NEW [6 Theaters] Weekend $45K, Average $7,500

Two Night Stand (Entertainment One) NEW [5 Theaters] Weekend $14,171, Average $2,834


Art And Craft (Oscilloscope) Week 2 [4 Theaters] Weekend $22,089, Average $5,522, Cume $52,118

The Guest (Picturehouse) Week 2 [21 Theaters] Weekend $54,040, Average $2,573, Cume $201,729

Keep On Keepin’ On (RADiUS) Week 2 [1 Theaters] Weekend $5,589, Cume $22,126

Not Cool (Starz Media) Week 2 [1 Theater] Weekend $26K

Pump (Submarine Deluxe) Week 2 [6 Theaters] Weekend $30,103, Average $5,017, Cume $73,474

Tracks (The Weinstein Company) Week 2 [28 Theaters] Weekend $73,240, Average $2,616, Cume $105,387

Tusk (A24) Week 2 [449 Theaters] Weekend $276,586, Average $616, Cume $1,411,122


Atlas Shrugged (Atlas Distribution Company) Weekend $12,985, Average $200, Cume $821,954

The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby (The Weinstein Company) Week 3 [139 Theaters] Weekend $93,900, Average $676, Cume $436,906

The Drop (Fox Searchlight) Week 3 [1,131 Theaters] Weekend $1.05M, Average $928, Cume $9,645,722

The Green Prince (Music Box Films) Week 3 [13 Theaters] Weekend $22K, Average $1,692, Cume $121,307

My Old Lady (Cohen Media Group) Week 3 [255 Theaters] Weekend $568,119, Average $2,228, Cume $1,473,275

The Skeleton Twins (Roadside Attractions/Lionsgate) Week 3 [385 Theaters] Weekend $1,261,981, Average $3,278, Cume $2,353,976

But Always (China Lion) Week 4 [7 Theaters] Weekend $10K, Average $1,429, Cume $413K

Last Days In Vietnam (American Experience/PBS Films) Week 4 [12 Theaters] Weekend $53,050, Average $4,420, Cume $161,277

Cantinflas (Pantelion/Lionsgate) Week 5 [129 Theaters] Weekend $95K, Average $736, Cume $6,254,833

Love Is Strange (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 6 [138 Theaters] Weekend $200,222, Average $1,451, Cume $1,852,596

The One I Love (RADiUS-TWC) Week 6 [20 Theaters] Weekend $7,601, Average $380, Cume $500,404

The Trip To Italy (IFC Films) Week 7 [200 Theaters] Weekend $230K, Average $1,150, Cume $2,490,362

Magic In The Moonlight (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 10 [111 Theaters] Weekend $75,650 Average $682, Cume $10,329,972

A Most Wanted Man (Roadside Attractions) Week 10 [116 Theaters] Weekend $76,080, Average $656, Cume $17,058,827

Boyhood (IFC Films) Week 12 [229 Theaters] Weekend $279,380, Average $1,220, Cume $23,036,700

Snowpiercer (RADiUS-TWC) Week 14 [10 Theaters] Weekend $3,798, Average $379, Cume $4,552,502

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