Social-Media App For Online Stars Launches From Mobile First: TECH Bits

Mobile First Entertainment has launched the first iteration of an app designed to help social-media stars make more money from their big online audiences while bringing together a client’s various social-media streams all in one place. The app is customized for each client, and is ad-supported, with the creator/client using the customized app taking 75 percent of net revenues.Mobile First screen shot 3 The app also handles issues such as sending push notifications to users about upcoming events, pending new content and more. The app will be adding subscription and e-commerce functions in coming versions.

“All the stuff you create you already own,” said CEO Saif Rahman, who co-founded Mobile First with Chris Cyronek and together have bootstrapped the app into reality. “We’re helping you make money from it. We really built this on the bones of a content creator.”

deadline badge_david bloom tech column verticalThe fundamental challenge for budding online stars is converting audiences that can number in the millions into revenues. Multichannel networks and related services have sprung up on YouTube to better monetize the revenue shared there with the most popular creators, though griping about the results seems to be a constant refrain. And, of course, most big social-media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr don’t share any ad revenues with big creators on their platforms. The Mobile First app is one of the early solutions that creates another layer of potential revenue generation and audience engagement for the best known creators, while pulling together the various strands of their online presence in one place.

Mobile First is repped by Manatt Phelps & Phillips. A somewhat similar app-based venture launched this summer from Victorious, founded by some former YouTube senior execs. Victorious is backed by Advancit Capital, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Canaan Partners, Karlin Ventures and Launchpad LA.

Wrap-Around Dome Show By Threshold Animation Coming To China

Longtime 3D animation shop Threshold Animation Studios is partnering with Holovis Attractions to create Ocean Quest: The Immersive Adventure, China’s first 360-degree entertainment experience, to be displayed in a domed auditorium at Hainan’s soon-to-open Ocean Paradise Park. The show is designed to make audiences feel they are underwater, surrounded on all sides by fish and other sea creatures

“Immersive 360-degree dome shows are a relatively new form of entertainment that surrounds the audience with the media, creating a whole new level of a ‘you are there’ experience,” said Threshold Chairman Larry Kasanoff.

Threshold has created a somewhat similar immersive experience for the Madame Tussauds in London, but the Threshold-Holovis Entertainment joint venture plans a series of other media installations in China and elsewhere in coming years, Kasanoff said. The Hainan park is set to open next May.

Homeland Goes Haptic With Tactile Tech In Trailer

Homeland imageOK, this is a bit of a gimmick, but a cool one: Showtime has launched a video trailer for the fourth season of its hit show Homeland that will give physical feedback when it’s played on select Android mobile devices.

Showtime is bragging that this is the first time an entertainment-oriented video trailer for a mobile device has been enhanced with what are known as haptic technologies to create tactile feedback for a viewer.

If you have the right kind of Android-based phone, playing the trailer will include physical feedback such as from a scene with a bomb explosion. The trailer is available in the “Coming Soon” section of the Showtime Anytime app, available to Showtime customers on the Google Play store. Homeland’s fourth season debuts Oct. 5.

‘Interstellar’ App Launches With Build-Your-Own Solar Systems

Interstellar app screen shotsSpeaking of unique and interesting mobile apps tied into Hollywood products, the upcoming sci-fi feature Interstellar already has launched an Android and Chrome app inspired by the movie’s theme of exploring the universe in search of another home for humanity.

Players can create and customize their own solar system, adding planets, asteroids, moons and other heavenly bodies, and see how far they can pilot their spacecraft without using up all their fuel, using real-world physics to slingshot through a solar system to the next prospect. They also can explore the solar systems created by others online. For those with a more speculative bent, the game will also let users try to jump around the universe using a wormhole, or even to travel past the gravity sink known as a black hole.

The app is available through Google Play and the Chrome Store, but also can be played online here. The film, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Matthew McConaughey, hits theaters November 7.

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