Hamptons Fest Gets ‘St. Vincent’ Opener; Now They Pray For St. Bill

EXCLUSIVE: The Hamptons Film Festival just got a good one for its opening night on October 9. It will premiere St. Vincent, the Ted Melfi-directed comedy that had a rousing opening-night World Premiere at Toronto, was just slotted into the first night of the Long Island festival. This fest launch fit nicely into The Weinstein Company’s release strategy that begins October 10. Now, of course, the question becomes whether the Hamptons is fortunate enough to get a dose of the film’s star, Bill Murray, who charmed the entire city of Toronto after the festival declared it Bill Murray Day and he showed up with a crown and a slew of great stories.

"St. Vincent" Premiere - Red Carpet - 2014 Toronto International Film FestivalMurray came through even though it was an open question till late whether he would cross the border; he doesn’t have a cell phone or an agent, and he’s a pretty elusive guy — which is part of his charm, if you ask me. After the premiere screening, he bonded with co-stars Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Chris O’Dowd and Jaeden Lieberher. For right now, Melfi will be there for sure, I hear. He’s got plenty of stories to tell, about how Murray picked him up in the car on the way to a golf tournament, and they turned his script into a star vehicle that might have put Murray right in the Oscar discussion.

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