Why Is Strike Authorization Vote STILL On The Table At SAG After Today???

Here’s what I don’t understand: SAG’s new leaders determined the contents of the January 26th written assent. They set the agenda for today’s special videoconference meeting. They had a 59% majority in the palm of its hand today. Yet they still haven’t moved to table the Strike Authorization Vote which is sitting out there waiting to be used. Didn’t the different factions that formed the Strike National Majority — Unite For Strength, the NY Division, and the Regional Branches — campaign about how disastrous that Strike Authorization threat was for SAG members and for the entertainment business in general? Didn’t they claim that it was the reason no one had work and production was stalled? Didn’t they argue that a Strike Authorization Vote was not the way to achieve negotiating leverage with the AMPTP? Didn’t they oppose their persona non grata Doug Allen’s January attempt to table it? They’ve now had four separate opportunities to do away with the Strike Authorization threat. SO WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR?

DHD To SAG: Forget Strike Authorization Ballot! Vote On AMPTP Contract Proposal

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