Hot Trailer: 'Battle: Los Angeles'

As the alien invasion movie Skyline is unleashed today by Relativity Media and Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a teaser for Battle: Los Angeles, a big scale alien invasion movie set for released in March. The battle between these two films goes beyond a simple same-subject rivalry; there is real bad blood here. As Deadline first revealed in August, SPE has made noises about seeking legal recourse because Skyline directors Greg and Colin Strause run Hydraulx, the visual effects house that created many of the effects for the rival film. The studio cried foul that the Straus siblings had access to every facet of Battle: Los Angeles‘s playbook and then went out and quietly made a rival film designed to hit the marketplace almost four months earlier. SPE never actually filed suit but there could be ramifications down the line if Skyline steals its thunder or if a case can be made that VFX innovations paid for by a film with exponentially more expensive found their way into Skyline. Here’s the Battle: Los Angeles trailer:

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