Scotland Votes To Remain In The UK: Political Changes Loom, Effect On Film & TV Biz Uncertain

There are 31 of 32 districts reporting on the Scottish vote for independence. A phenomenal 86% voter turnout is estimated, and the result saw 1.6M voters in favor of separating from the UK — curiously Glasgow was pro, Edinburgh was con. But the vote is split at 45% Yes and 55% No, a far closer result than was expected when the referendum was initially floated.

In the run-up to the vote, I ran down the potential effects of a Yes. While the fate of the BBC, indie financing and the lucrative film and TV tax breaks that emanate from the centralized London government were the subject of much hand-wringing, most of the worry looks moot at this point. UK Prime Minister David Cameron is nevertheless expected to make certain concessions to his northern constituents with certain powers extended. There are tax issues involved, but it is too early to tell how this directly affects the entertainment biz. Here are a couple of reactions from interested parties:

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