Screens Entertainment Association Launches For Multi-Multi-Platform Executives

The Screens Entertainment Association has launched, designed to help top industry executives navigate the proliferating distribution platforms for entertainment. The SEA is planning a conference called the Vidify Market and Summit. The conference likely will occur in the second half of the year, somewhere in Southern California.

The group’s board includes a number of prominent entertainment execs, led by former Fox Broadcasting chairwoman Lucie Salhany, Sandy Climan of Entertainment Media Ventures, director James Widdoes, former Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett (now head of C-Suite TV and C-Suite Network),  and Gerry Byrne, vice chairman of Deadline’s parent company, Penske Media Corp.

Vidify picks up where other media, entertainment, tech and investor events leave off through the introduction of immersive, connecting, actionable, facilitating, embracing and entertaining experiences,” said Salhany. “What CES is to Consumer Electronics, ViDIFY will be to all screened entertainment-focused ventures and professionals.”

The group’s focus is on solving problems that arise as entertainment content is distributed on more and more platforms, from traditional TV and film to on-demand services over the Internet, mobile apps and more. Memberships will be given to the CEOs and CMOs of Fortune 1,000 companies, advertising and public-relations firm executives and the heads of other entertainment-oriented organizations as the guilds and trade groups.

The organization also plans to create white papers on emerging business models, publish research on the business, build an online marketplace, and launch a video magazine program. For more information, go to


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