Cable Industry Trade Confab Rebranded To INTX: The Internet And Television Expo

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association’s annual trade meeting — The Cable Show —  used to be an exciting affair. Visitors saw new channels and technologies strut their stuff — and cut splashy deals with cable operators. But that’s faded: Cable’s a mature industry, and the marketplace for programming and services takes place at any time of the year in Philadelphia, where Comcast has outsized power to decide which ones thrive or struggle. So it makes sense that the NCTA has decided to rebrand the event and shift the focus from video to the Internet, the industry’s main profit driver.

The meeting to be held in Chicago on May 5-7  will be called INTX: the Internet and Television Expo. It will showcase “everyone from network operators and content creators to technologists and thought leaders to share ideas, showcase innovative services and plan the future,” NCTA says.

“Everyday the digital landscape changes and the networks that enable it becomes more powerful,”says CEO Michael Powell. “This new expo will highlight all of these new trends and voices in every corner of today’s digital economy.”

Organizers will reconfigure its exhibit floor to feature technology, software and apps, online video, multiscreen, mobility, consumer tech, games and advertising. It also will highlight “TV Everywhere, the latest gadgets, the Internet of Things, start-ups and competitions, 4K TV and more.”


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