Lionsgate UK To Distribute Summit Films In Britain

A logical move after the mini-major studio said last month that it’s relocating its international sales operation to London. Lionsgate UK will begin distributing Summit films in the UK beginning with releases after July 2015. That will include the fourth Divergent franchise film, Allegiant Part 2, scheduled to be released worldwide on March 24, 2017. eOne Entertainment has been distributing the Summit label films. The companies said last week that eOne and Lionsgate are expanding their relationship in Canada, Spain, and Australia.  eOne will continue to distribute Lionsgate and Summit films in the first two markets, and Summit ones in Australia through 2018.

The change improves Lionsgate’s “operating efficiencies, unifying our strategic focus and giving us greater control over our content,” says Lionsgate UK CEO Zygi Kamasa. “Assuming responsibility for our Summit titles continues to enhance the critical mass of product we offer to our audiences and our buyers.”

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