Peter Douglas Remaking Frankenheimer's 'Seven Days In May', 'Seconds', 'Grand Prix'

Peter Douglas is going retro with his Montecito based indie Vincent Pictures and focusing only on remakes and sequels of such interesting 1960s film fare as director John Frankenheimer’s. Not surprisingly, most of the rights already secured are from films that his father Kirk Douglas produced or starred in, with Peter self-financing the acquisitions and intending to form partnerships with established filmmakers who have existing distribution, production, and financing deals. But many of these movies were iconic, so the pressure will be on to ensure these modern reinterpretations live up to their reputations.

The list includes Seven Days In May, the gripping 1964 political thriller from Frankenheimer who directed one of Kirk’s best performances, Seconds, the 1966 cult classic elevated because Frankenheimer coaxed Rock Hudson’s best dramatic work, and Grand Prix, which featured Frankenheimer’s fab racing footage, became one of the 10 highest grossing films of 1966, and won Academy Awards for Best Sound Effects, Best Film Editing, and Best Sound.


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