SAG vs SAG: Who's Suing Whom Today

UPDATE: Judge Nixes TRO On Technicality But MF Will Refile For Thursday
MF’s complaint is here.

(Keep refreshing for latest news…) So let me see: Membership First used parliamentary rules against the SAG National Majority. Then the SAG National Majority used the “written assent” legal maneuver against Membership First. Now Membership First goes to L.A. Superior Court for a TRO against that written assent. And on, and on, and on… Egads. Just remember that this infighting inside SAG has been going on for eons. Why should any of this be a surprise? That said, the plaintiffs seeking that temporary restraining order against the SAG National Majority’s January 26th written assent are Membership First members Alan Rosenberg, Anne-Marie Johnson, Diane Ladd and Kent McCord. The TRO is targeted at SAG itself and the SAG National Board members who signed the written assent that fired National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Doug Allen, split his job between new NED David White and new chief negotiator John McGuire, and replaced the SAG negotiating committee with a reconfigured task force to bargain with the AMPTP. As I’ve previously reported, the written assent signers are: Sam Freed, David Hartley-Margolin, Adam Arkin, Molly Ballard, Mark Blum, Amy Brenneman, John Carter Brown, Suzanne Burkhead, Tom Chantler, Paul Christie, Dave Corey, Roy Costley, Rebecca Damon, Maureen Donnelly, Cece DuBois, Nancy Duerr, Abby Dylan, Morgan Fairchild, Steve Fried, Nancy Giles, Traci Godfrey, Todd Hissong, Mike Hodge, Ken Howard, James Huston, Jim Hutchison, Ed Kelly, Art Lynch, Richard Masur, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Helen McNutt, Bill Mootos, Sue-Anne Morrow, Debra Nelson, Pamela Reed, Sam Robards, Stephen F. Schmidt, Matt Servitto, Kate Walsh, Sharon Washington, Liz Zazzi.

  1. AMPTP/SAG Talks Tomorrow Postponed: SAG Goes To Court Tuesday Over Rosenberg And Johnson Try For Injunction To Overturn Written Assent

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