Hot Toronto Clip: Tempers Flare In Civil War Drama ‘The Keeping Room’

EXCLUSIVE: Courting sales at Toronto this week is Civil War suspense drama The Keeping Room, the tale of three Southern women – Augusta (Brit Marling), her sheltered sister Louise (Hailee Steinfeld), and their long-silent family slave Mad (Muna Otaru) – defending themselves and their isolated farmhouse in the waning days of the war. Sam Worthington and Anna Karenina’s Kyle Soller also star as a pair of marauding Union soldiers in the film. Daniel Barber (Harry Brown) directs from Julia Hart’s 2012 Black List script.

Here’s how Barber sets up Deadline’s exclusive clip: “When Julia and I were working on the script for The Keeping Room, we tried very hard to imagine how the characters would behave with each other. We wanted their relationships to be very real, very natural and unforced. Augusta had this incredible strength of character, she was such a force of nature, she was so headstrong. Mad was a slave, and so her personality was constantly suppressed, but deep down she was also incredibly strong, she had to be to survive, and as time passed and she realised her importance within the trio, we wanted the story to reveal her inner strength. This scene is the first time they clash.” WME Global is handling domestic sales, and Sierra/Affinity is selling international. The Keeping Room premieres Sunday as a Special Presentation.

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