Hot Trailer: The Worst Murderers In The World Become The Worst Kidnappers In ‘Horrible Bosses 2’

The world’s most bumbling murderers of bosses — Kurt, Nick and Dale (Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day) — are now looking for that silver lining with their newfound careers as kidnappers with some of the worst advice coming from their ghetto pal, Dean ‘MF’ Jones (Jamie Foxx) .  The second trailer for Warner Bros./New Line’s Horrible Bosses 2 shows the gang faux napping a rich kid, played by Chris Pine, who also wants in on the action –and promises to up the trio’s ransom — by double crossing his father (Christoph Waltz).  Let’s just hope this time around that Day can rival his car seat “That’s Not My Name” dance sequence, which sent audience members to the bathroom, laughing hysterically. The good news for any guy planning to catch Horrible Bosses 2: Jennifer Aniston’s dentist is still smoldering.

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