‘Breaking Bad,’ Other Emmy-Nominated Dramas “Score” Big On Piracy Charts, Too

Breaking Bad broke big in more ways than one after it collected Best Drama and several other Emmys last week. A day after the now-ended AMC show gathered all that Emmy iron, it also jumped to No. 2 among the most-pirated Emmy nominees, according to a study by anti-piracy consultants CEG TEK.

The company tracked 50 nominated shows to see what would happen a week before and a week after the Emmys. For Breaking Bad and several other dramas in the list, the results were dramatic: Piracy jumped overnight by an average of 340 percent across the peer-to-peer piracy networks that CEG tracks.

game of thronesFor Breaking Bad, which has had no new episodes since the series wrapped a year ago (though it’s available on Netflix and other syndicators), the jump was even more pronounced — 412 percent. Among the U.S.-only list of pirated shows, Breaking Bad jumped 13 spots to rank second there. HBO’s Game of Thrones is No. 1 on both lists.

“Typically, piracy peaks on weekends, but of the 50 shows we monitored, 47 were pirated more as a result of the Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast,” said CEG’s CTO Jon Nicolini. “Clearly, the prestige of the Emmys is alive and well.”

In our table below based on the CEG numbers, we’ve boldfaced the shows that had big jumps in their world rankings from before and after the Emmys, including House Of Cards, Homeland, Scandal, Downton Abbey, The Normal Heart and The NewsroomTrue Detective, another big drama nominee, only rose 3 spots on the global charts but jumped 14 places to 4th among most-pirated Emmy shows in the U.S.

The only comedy to see a big jump in its rankings was HBO’s Veepwhich climbed 11 spots to 19th in the week after the awards. CBS’ The Big Bang Theory was the most-pirated comedy, followed by Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, which was shut out at the Emmys.

Post-Emmy Piracy Table

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