Guillermo Del Toro To Preside Over Legendary’s Promo/Talent Hunt On YouTube

Legendary Entertainment Guillermo Del Toro

Legendary Entertainment will combine a talent hunt with subtle promotion of its upcoming Guillermo Del Toro horror film Crimson Peak in a contest announced in concert with Google’s YouTube Spaces, which provide production and post-production facilities for YouTube creators in four big cities.

The deal is a successor to a Legendary/Warner Bros. project earlier this year for GodzillaSets from that film were installed at the YouTube Space L.A., located in the Playa Vista neighborhood, and 30 YouTube creators were chosen based on their proposals to make a wide variety of videos with Godzilla involved in some fashion

Guillermo Del Toro Set 1In this latest deal, Gothic-horror sets “inspired by” Del Toro’s work on Crimson Peak will be installed in YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, Tokyo, London and the soon-to-open New York. The sets will vary by site, but are billed as the sorts of creepy backdrops worthy of any Gothic horror film, including “a Great Room from an old manor house,”  “a sinister staircase and Gothic windows that lead out to a haunted garden,” and “an abandoned Solarium cluttered with over-grown plants, birdcages and weathered tools.”

YouTube creators at each site will be invited to make video shorts with horror themes using the sets between Sept. 22 and Oct. 28. The videos will go live between Oct. 21 and Halloween, and will run on each creator’s YouTube site along with the channels for YouTube Spaces and Legendary.

Guillermo Del Toro YouTube House of Horrors set 2Del Toro will pick the best videos from each site, and consult with the creators on further fine-tuning. Legendary will offer a development deal to the creator behind the best resulting short to further flesh out their project into a possible film. If it all works, Legendary could find a ultra-low-budget creator similar to Jason Blum, whom Universal has recently signed to a long-term deal after a lucrative run of cheap and extremely profitable horror pics.

Here’s a video of Del Toro introducing the YouTube House of Horrors project:

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