Stephen Colbert Changes His Show Name To Conform With Gwen Stefani’s Preferred Pronunciation

Stephen Colbert — whose Comedy Central program was named winner of the Emmy for best variety series at Monday night’s ceremony (actually, presenter Gwen Stefani said the winner was The Colborg Report, but we figured it out when Colbert came on stage to accept) — is not doing original episodes this week, but found a way to mock Stefani’s unfamiliarity with his show during his opening credits. (Stefani also tried to make a joke about her flub when she appeared on the series finale of Chelsea Lately —  but nearly blew that one too). There’s been a certain amount of controversy since Emmy night as to what Stefani had actually said in naming the winner — one theory is: Colbort Report.  Colbert went with “Colbore,” which suggests she was making an editorial comment — interesting!


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