Napa Quake Shutters Theaters, Briefly Shuts Radio Stations

Sunday morning’s 6.1 magnitude earthquake in the Napa Valley hit the wine industry hard, but local theaters and media outlets also took a hit.

Napa Uptown theater interiorThe historic Uptown Theatre in downtown Napa, where Dana Carvey and Dave Mason are scheduled to perform next month, sustained damage during the quake but the extent is not yet known.

“We have some visible damage on the outside,” Cynthia Yallop, the theater’s executive director, told Deadline. “There are minor fissures in the stucco, and some mirrors under the marquee were broken.”

Yallop and other members of the theater’s staff got inside the theater by 8AM, but with the power out all over town, it was dark inside to assess damage. Armed with only a flashlight, Yallop said that she could see stucco dust on the floor and on the backs of the seats.

Built as a movie palace in 1937, the Uptown Theatre underwent a massive renovation beginning in 2000 that converted it into a live music and entertainment venue. If the damage is not too extensive, it also will screen movies at the Napa Film Festival in November.

“Once we figure out the extent of damage,” Yallop said, “we will have to assess what repairs will be needed and how they affect the two shows in September. If they have to be cancelled, we will alert ticketholders.”

Century Theaters Napa The theater played host to two local bands Saturday night, but the show was over four hours before the earthquake struck.

“We are so blessed that it didn’t happen during a show,” Yallop said.

Napa radio stations KVON and KVYN were knocked off the air for half an hour early Sunday morning when the earthquake hit.

“Some book cases fell over, and some computer equipment and files were smashed,” said KVYN drive-time DJ Mindi Levine, “but no one’s been hurt, thank God.” The stations lost power, but backup generators quickly got the stations back on the air and they’ve been reporting live on the aftermath of the temblor ever since.

The Century Napa Valley Theatres also closed Sunday pending an investigation of possible damage. A notice by the theater said it wanted to give employees a chance to get their affairs in order.

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