Top Movies 2014: Disney Has Three — ‘Guardians’ & ‘Maleficent’ Come From Summer

As we head into the end of summer with Labor Day approaching, the Walt Disney Co. can boast three of the Top Ten movies so far this year with Captain America: The Winter Soldier topping the bunch with a total domestic box office take of $259.7M and two other summer films also in the mix: Maleficent at $237M and Guardians of the Galaxy hovering over $252.2M after this weekend. Guardians of the Galaxy may also take the No. 1 slot again this weekend, after being in the No. 2 spot for the past two weekends in a row, reminiscent of its blockbuster animated film Frozen jumping back into the top spot in its sixth week of release. Kudos to Marvel for starting a new franchise.  Marvel was confident that they had a hit early on: At Comic-Con, the studio announced a sequel to Guardians before it even opened. Eight of the top ten, of course, are summer tentpole releases and only one — the buddy comedy 22 Jump Street — is R-rated.

Leading up to this weekend, the summer box office frame year to date, which is defined as May 2 to Aug. 20,  is down 15.2% versus the same period in 2013 when the industry was on its way to posting a record box office year.  This August is up 11.5% versus the same time span last August, propped by Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So far, here are the Top Ten titles of 2014 at the domestic box office:

1). Captain America: The Winter Soldier (DIS) / PG-13 / April 4th / $259.7M

2). The Lego Movie (WB) / PG / Feb. 7th / $257.7M

3). Guardians of the Galaxy (DIS) / PG-13 / August 1 / $252M

4). Transformers: Age of Extinction (PAR) / PG / June 27th / $243.4M

5). Maleficent (DIS) / PG / May 30th / $237M

6). X-Men: Days Of Future Past (FOX) / PG-13 / May 23rd / $232.2M

7). The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (SONY) / PG-13 / May 2nd / $202.7M

8). Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (FOX) / PG-13 / July 11 / $204M (through this weekend)

9). Godzilla (WB) / PG-13 / May 16 / $200.6M

10). 22 Jump Street (SONY) / R / June 13 / $190M


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