‘MythBusters’ Chops Three To Take Show Back To Its Roots

“It’s not only the end of this episode, it’s not only the end of this season — it is also the end of an era,” MythBusters host Adam Savage told viewers at the end of Thursday’s installment. “This was the last episode of MythBusters to feature the incredible trio of Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara.”

MythbustersThe move isn’t a total shock — ratings were getting softer, and the show needed a refresh. “This season we’re going back to our origins with just Adam and me,” deadpanned Jamie Hyneman during the episode, wrapping up the franchise’s 15th season. Then they played a clip package featuring escapades of Byron, Bellici and Imahara during their decade on the show, while Byron tweeted, “I guess you guys are finding out the news right about now.”

The two hosts wound things up by thanking the three myth busters for their work on the program. “It has been a total pleasure not only to work with you but to call you our friends,” Savage said, “We wish you the very best of luck and thank you,” Hyneman added funereally.

Discovery said in a statement: “Kari, Tory and Grant have been an incredibly important part of MythBusters for over a decade. From explosions to car crashes to even more explosions, this trio has helped shape MythBusters into the Emmy-nominated series it is today. Everyone at Discovery wants to thank them for their tireless work busting almost 1,000 myths, and we wish them all the best on their future endeavors.”

Speaking of future endeavors, a source with knowledge of the situation says Discovery Communications hopes to work with the ousted three, either on Discovery Channel, Science or one of its other networks.

More Tweets from Byron:

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