‘Dating Naked’ Lawsuit Seeks To Strip Viacom Of $10M For Showing Too Much

Jessie Nizewitz willingly signed up to be on VH1’s Dating Naked, but she didn’t realize that would mean that she would actually be seen naked from the waist down on national TV. Why did she not know that? Because the 28-year-old contestant didn’t read the fine print? Nope, it’s because despite the show’s name, it wasn’t supposed to happen on the series that is actually more tease than triple XXX. Having been left unblurred in a beach scene on the freshman unscripted romance show’s July 31 episode, Nizewitz is taking VH1 owner Viacom — as well as producers Lighthearted Entertainment and Firelight Entertainment — to court for $10 million. And her complaint is very clear why. “The episode, as broadcast, shows Plaintiff’s wrestling takedown of her date, but Defendants did not blur out her vagina and anus, which were fully exposed to all viewers,” the 4-claim complaint says (read it here). “Plaintiff, who was watching the initial showing, was shocked, horrified, and outraged to observe this intrusion into her privacy to all to see.”

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dating naked vh1Now you might say, “Well, what did she expect on a show titled Dating Naked?” Turns out that, like many an unscripted contestant in the past, Nizewitz thought the producers would do what they said they would in the agreement for her to be on the show. Besides someone really not paying attention in postproduction (or too much so), this suit is fueled partially by Nizewitz saying she was assured while filming on the controversial series that her privates would be kept private via digital blurring and strategic shooting. In fact, the filing says it took “further assurances” from the producers that the inappropriate areas would indeed be blurred for Nizewitz to agree to wrestle with her date on the beach.

Also fueling the legal action is the fallout Nizewitz suffered from the female equivalent of the full Monty. “Since the initial airing of the third episode of Dating Naked, Plaintiff has suffered and continues to suffer severe extreme emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment, as the uncensored episode and uncensored pictures therefrom have been uploaded to various Internet websites including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr,” says the 12-page filing.

Viacom logoThe complaint also says that Nizewitz has suffered “economic loss through Defendants’ unauthorized commercial use of uncensored images of Plaintiff’s vagina and anus, which was not part of the bargain.” To that end and those “unlawful actions,” as well as the $10 million, Nizewitz wants unspecified damages calculated in regards to the her loss of income because of the incident and Viacom and the producers to get all the pics and footage of her privates off the Internet. Additionally, Nizewitz wants further and future showing of said images on VH1 or another Viacom-owned entity stopped – though it is unclear if a blurred version would be OK.

Matthew Blit of the NYC offices of Levine & Blit, PLLC is representing Nizewitz in this birthday suit lawsuit

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