Creative Arts Emmy Awards: ‘Saturday Night Live’, HBO Grab Most Trophies — Full List Of Winners

Harry Shearer finally won a voice-over Emmy for The Simpsons, but an Emmy statuette continued to elude CW at tonight’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards, despite the networks first-ever two noms. HBO once again won the most trophies, 15, followed by NBC (10) and PBS (8). Half of NBC’s wins came for veteran Saturday Night Live, which topped the list of programs with 5 Emmys.  Seth MacFarlane’s passion project Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey kept company with hot True Detective,  Game of Thrones,  and Sherlock: His Last Vow in the 4 Emmy Wins club.  Joe Morton (Scandal), Allison Janney (Masters of Sex), Uzo Aduba (Orange Is the New Black) and Jimmy Fallon (SNL); all won guest-star Emmys, while Shark Tank and The Deadliest Catch bagged the reality wins, and Jane Lynch (Hollywood Game Night) won an Emmy for her debut as a reality series host.

Big victory tonight: producers squeezed tonight’s orgy of statuette dispensing — swelled to 80 categories from last year’s 75 — into 3.5 hours. The ceremony ended by 7:30 PM, as Emmy organizers had advised media before tonight’s ceremony began. Pitching in to this herculean effort — a number of big-ticket winners were no-shows, meaning no acceptance speeches.

Here is Deadline’s running account of tonight’s ceremony as it happened, with reporting from Diane Haithman and Anthony D’Alessandro  who were at the scene at the Nokia Theater.

3:40 PM:  Blistering heat made for a thin-ish Red Carpet, despite umbrellas set up to to create some shade; lots of A-listers took the fast lane in order to get into the Nokia Theater ASAP.  Matthew Weiner, asked about last year’s 45 Second Acceptance Speech Rule, said,  “I personally could use less time, because I’m not great at it.  But… when I see someone who has been working in show business for so long, such as Bob Newhart who has been working in comedy for 50 years, I think they should give him more time in his acceptance speech.” Which, to refresh everyone’s memory, is exactly what happened last year — the 45 Sec Rule was not enforced when Newhart won his first Emmy for guest starring on The Big Bang Theory.

Warren Littlefield, whose FX miniseries Fargo is up for 18 noms, said enthusiastically of tonight’s ceremony,  “We already won. We made something that we were wildly in love with. Then MGM and FX were in love with it. Critics asked, ‘Why would you remake the iconic film Fargo? Why would you touch that for television?’  — and then when we showed it to them, they said ‘Oh, my god, we love it.’ Then the audience fell in love, so we’ve satisfied ourselves, we satisfied all the people that matter, and we have 18 Emmy nominations. We are walking in here winners.” (Fargo would go on to win one trophy tonight.)

Asked if he thought broadcast programs should have to compete with cable at the Emmys – a hot-button issue this season —  the former NBC programming chief acknowledged, “That’s the elephant in the room. I honestly don’t know. I look at Game of Thrones and they probably average three times the budget we get. I look at network shows that have a lot more money than we have. Then I see that we compete with them, and that’s OK.” Not having to cater to advertisers gives premium cable networks’ programs a huge advantage as to what they can do with content. Then there’s those FCC restrictions on broadcast programs. “When a judge of panelists says, ‘What did I really fall in love with?’ — it’s when creators have no restrictions. And, let’s face it: You get more creative freedom in cable,” he said.

4:02 PM: Last year, to try to get it done in a reasonable time, Creative Arts Emmys producer Spike Jones Jr. appeared onstage before show time to urge winners to keep it short, announcing a 45-seconds limit from the moment the winner’s name is announced. It caused quite a stir — and not in a good way, as winners had to race down the aisle and leap up on stage to gasp out a 10-seconds worth of acceptance speech. This year’s bad news: “After 30 seconds we will start our special Emmy play-off music,” attendees were told before the ceremony started. Matthew Weiner and Vince Gilligan, first presenters, welcomed them to the awards ceremony tonight “And when I say tonight I mean the next 8 to 10 hours,” Weiner joked but not really.

Casting in a Comedy Series
Orange Is The New Black • Netflix • Lionsgate Television for Netflix
Jennifer Euston, CSA, Casting Director

Casting in a Miniseries/Movie/Special
Fargo • FX Networks • MGM and FX Productions
Rachel Tenner, CSA, Casting Director Jackie Lind, CSA, Casting Director, Stephanie Gorin, CSA, Casting Director

Casting in a Drama Series
True Detective • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Neon Black, Anonymous Content, Parliament of Owls and Passenger Alexa L. Fogel, CSA, Casting Director, Christine Kromer, CSA, Casting Director Meagan Lewis, CSA, Casting Director

Picture Editing For Reality Programming
Deadliest Catch • Careful What You Wish For
Discovery Channel Original Productions, LLC, a FremantleMedia Company for the Discovery Channel
Josh Earl, A.C.E., Supervising Editor Rob Butler, A.C.E., Editor; Art O’Leary, Editor

Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming
The Square • Netflix • Noujaim Films, Maktube Productions, Netflix Originals, Worldview Entertainment, Roast Beef Productions and Participant Media for Netflix; Pedro Kos, Edited by; Christopher de la Torre, Edited by; Muhamed El Manasterly, Edited by
Picture Editing For Short-Form Segments And Variety Specials
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart • McConnelling (Segment) • Comedy Central • Central Productions, LLC, Eric Davies, Editor
2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Press RoomOutstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series
Scandal, ABC/ABC Studios, Joe Morton as Rowan Pope
Accepting his first Emmy win for Shonda Rhimes’ soapy Washington drama, Joe Morton thanked the show’s “scrumptious cast”  but said, “mostly I think I’d like to thank my parents, who are no longer with us, Joe and Evelyn,  who taught me about artistry and courage” as well as the  “genius  — in capital letters, bold,  underlined, with lots of exclamation points —  of Shonda Rhimes.”
4:17 PM: Jane Lynch, taking the stage to present the Emmys in Picture Editing derbies, said, “As somone who has hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards, this is more than an honor — it’s a setback.”
Single Camera Picture Editing for a miniseries or a movie
Sherlock: His Last Vow (Masterpiece) • PBS • Hartswood West for BBC/Cymru Wales in co-production with Masterpiece, Yan Miles, Editor

“No shit, Sherlock!” Miles joked, adding,” I’m going to save you 20 seconds. Thank you very much”  — the evening’s first snark about the 30-second rule, which is being strictly enforced.

Multi-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series
The Big Bang Theory • The Cooper Extraction • CBS • Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television Peter Chakos, Edited by

4:23PM: When Veep‘s Tony Hale and Matt Walsh took the stage to present winners in other picture editing categories, they said they’d first like to speak on behalf of those editors. Exclaimed Walsh, “Directors, stop excusing all your mistakes with ‘Oh, we’ll fix it in post.’ And, editors hate the question ‘Can you make it good?’ Here’s a thought – how about making it good on set. Is that too much to ask?”

Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series
Breaking Bad • Felina • AMC • Sony Pictures Television, Skip MacDonald, A.C.E., Edited by

Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series
Orange Is The New Black • Tit Punch • Netflix/Lionsgate Television for Netflix, William Turro, Edito

Art Direction For A Contemporary or Fantasy Series (Single-Camera)
Game Of Thrones • The Laws Of Gods And Men/The Mountain And The Viper HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; Television 360; Startling Television and Generator Productions, Deborah Riley, Production Designer; Paul Ghirardani, Art Director; Rob Cameron, Set Decorator
Art Direction For A Period, Miniseries or a Movie (Single-Camera)
Boardwalk Empire •Erlkönig • The Old Ship Of Zion • Farewell Daddy Blues • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Leverage, Closest to the Hole Productions, Sikelia Productions and Cold Front Productions;Bill Groom, Production Designer; Adam Scher; Art Director; Carol Silverman, Set Decorator
Art Direction For A Contemporary Program (Half-Hour or Less)
House Of Lies • Wreckage • Middlegame • Zhang • Showtime • Showtime Presents, Crescendo Productions, Totally Commercial Films, Refugee Productions, Matthew Carnahan Circus Products; Ray Yamagata, Production Designer; Chikako Suzuki, Art Director; Tim Stepeck, Set Decorator
Art Direction For A Variety, Nonfiction, Reality or Reality-Competition Program
The Oscars • ABC • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; Derek McLane, Production Designer Joe Celli, Art Director; Gloria Lamb, Art Director
4:38PM: Amy Schumer, presenting the Emmys in animation derbies,  brought some edge to the ceremony, saying “when I was first asked to present tonight, I was so humbled because half way through the call I realized they thought they were talking to Chelsea Handler.” She said she’s in awe that in Hollywood, a “girl like me – Size 6” can still be cast “as a woman getting gastric bypass surgery…or Gilbert Grape’s mom.”  Schumer joked about the fact that the Emmy for Individual Achievement in Animation is a juried award but the winner will take the stage anyway because “like all of us narcissists, they still want to talk.”

Animated Program
Bob’s Burgers • Mazel Tina • FOX • 20th Century Fox Television

Short-format Animated Program
Disney Mickey Mouse • ‘O Sole Minnie • Disney Channel • Disney Television Animation

Outstanding Individual Achievements In Animation (Juried)
Adventure Time, Wizards Only, Fools; Nick Jennings, Art Director, Cartoon Network
Disney Gravity Falls, Dreamscaperers, Ian Worrel, Art Director, Disney Channel
Disney Mickey Mouse
, ‘O Sole Minnie, Narina Sokolova, Background Designer, Disney Channel
Disney Mickey Mouse, The Adorable Couple, Valerio Vaentura, Background Designer, Disney Channel
Long Live The Royals, Sean Szeles, Storyboard Artist,
The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed, Jasmin Lai, Background Painter, Cartoon Network
Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise, Cameron Baity, Animator, Adult Swim
The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror XXIV, Dmitry Malaitchev, Color Design Director, Fox
The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror XXIV, Charles Ragins, Background Designer, Fox
Uncle Grandpa, Afraid of the Dark, Nick Edwards, Character Design, Cartoon Network

Before presenting costuming Emmys, Masters of Sex‘s Allison Janney said, “My mother always told me you can learn a lot about people by what they’re wearing.” In the case of Masters of Sex, she said, “What style of dress should the actress wear before she takes it off?”

Costumes for A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special
American Horror Story: Coven
Bitchcraft • FX Networks • 20th Century Fox Television; Lou Eyrich, Costume Designer, Elizabeth Macey, Costume Supervisor; Ken Van Duyne, Assistant Costume Designer

Costumes For A Series
Game of Thrones • The Lion And The Rose • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; Television 360; Startling Television and Generator Productions;Michele Clapton, Costume Designer; Sheena Wichary, Costume Supervisor; Alexander Fordham, Assistant Costume Designer; Nina Ayres, Assistant Costume Designer

Costumes for a Variety Program or Special (Juried)
Saturday Night Live,
 Host Jimmy Fallon; Tom Broecker, Costume Designer; Eric Justian, Costume Designer, NBC
So You Think You Can DanceEpisode 1008, Marina Toybina, Costume Designer; Grainne O’Sullivan, Costume Supervisor, Fox

Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series
Downton Abbey • Episode 8 • PBS • A Carnival Films/Masterpiece Co-Production in association with NBC Universal; Magi Vaughan, Department Head Hairstylist; Adam James Phillips, Key Hairstylist

Hairstyling For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special
Saturday Night Live • Host: Anna Kendrick • NBC • SNL Studios in association with Universal Television and Broadway Video; Bettie O. Rogers, Department Head Hairstylist; Jodi Mancuso, Key Hairstylist; Inga Thrasher, Hairstylist;  Jennifer Serio Stauffer, Hairstylist; Cara Hannah Sullivan, Hairstylist; Joe Whitmeyer, Hairstylist

Hairstyling For A Miniseries/Movie
American Horror Story: Coven • FX Networks • 20th Century Fox Television; Monte C. Haught; Department Head Hairstylist; Michelle Ceglia, Key Hairstylist;  Yolanda Mercadel, Hairstylist; Daina Daigle, Additional Hairstylist

Guest Actress in a Drama Seriesjanney

Allison Janney as Margaret Scully, Master of Sex, Showtime • Showtime Presents, Sony Pictures Television, Round Two Productions, Timberman/Beverly  Productions

Janney thanked the crew for getting her that shot of bourbon before her first sex scene. Backstage, Janney, previously a four-time winner for The West Wing, called being in both Masters of Sex and her comedy Mom “a great year.”  She said that her winning role tonight, Margaret Scully, “challenged me in ways that I’ve never been challenged before — especially the sex scenes.  The sex scenes were extraordinarily difficult for me and something I didn’t think I’d have to do at this age.”  The actress admitted its was “devastating” when The West Wing ended.

Sound Editing For A Series
Black Sails • I. • Starz • Platinum Dunes and Quaker Moving Pictures in association with Starz Originals; Benjamin Cook, Supervising Sound Editor; Iain Eyre, Sound Editor; Sue Cahill, Sound Editor; Jeffrey A. Pitts, Sound Editor; Tim Tuchrello, Sound Editor; Brett Voss, Sound Editor; Michael Baber, Music Editor; Jeffrey Wilhoit, Foley Artist; James “Jimmy” Moriana, Foley Artist

Sound Editing For Nonfiction Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera)
COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey • Standing Up In The Milky Way • FOX/NatGeo • Fuzzy Door Productions and Cosmos Studios, Inc. in association with FOX Broadcasting Company and National Geographic Channel; Christopher Harvengt, Supervising Sound Editor; Richard S. Steele, Sound Designer; Jeff Carson, Music Editor; Bob Costanza, Sound Effects Editor; Lisa Varetakis, Dialogue / ADR Editor; Bill Bell, Foley Supervisor / Sound Editor; Tim Chilton, Foley Artist; Jill Sanders, Foley Artist

Sound Editing For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special
Sherlock: His Last Vow (Masterpiece) • PBS • Hartswood West for BBC/Cymru Wales in co-production with Masterpiece; Doug Sinclair, Supervising Sound Editor; Stuart McCowan, Sound Editor; Jon Joyce, Sound Editor; Paul McFadden, Sound Editor; Sue Harding, Foley Artist

Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Miniseries, Movie Or A Special
Game Of Thrones • The Children • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; Television 360; Startling Television and Generator Productions; Jane Walker, Department Head Makeup Artist; Barrie Gower, Prosthetic Designer

Makeup For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special (Non-Prosthetic)
Saturday Night Live
Host: Jimmy Fallon • NBC • SNL Studios in association with Universal Television and Broadway Video; Louie Zakarian, Department Head Makeup Artist; Amy Tagliamonti, Additional Makeup Artist; Sara Egan, Additional Makeup Artist; Daniela Zivkovic, Additional Makeup Artist;Melanie Demitri, Additional Makeup Artist

Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic)

True Detective The Secret Fate Of All Of Life • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Neon Black, Anonymous Content, Parliament of Owls and Passenger; Felicity Bowring, Department Head Makeup Artist;Wendy Bell, Key Makeup Artist; Ann Pala, Makeup Artist; Kim Perrodin, Makeup Artist; Linda Dowds, Personal Makeup Artist

Makeup For A Miniseries Or A Movie (Non-Prosthetic)
The Normal Heart, HBO • HBO Films in association with Plan B Entertainment, Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy Productions; Eryn Krueger Mekash, Department Head Makeup Artist; Sherri Berman Laurence, Key Makeup Artist; Nicky Pattison, Makeup Artist; LuAnn Claps, Makeup Artist; Mike Mekash, Makeup Artist; Carla White, Personal Makeup Artist

5:23PM: Before announcing wins in various sound mixing categories, Key And Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key and Jordon Peele did one of their trademark cross-talk acts – this time, Key waxed eloquent about the power of television to inspire, singling out Saturday Night Live and Eddie Murphy for inspiring his own career, while Peele complained they aren’t being paid a nickel and the producers sent an Uber car to pick them up, whose driver is “a hipster from Silver Lake” who “asked me for a five-star rating,” adding, “I’m doing his podcast on Thursday.”

Sound Mixing For A Miniseries Or A Movie
TremeSunset On Louisianne • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Blown Deadline Productions; Bruce Litecky, C.A.S., Production Mixer; Andy Kris, Re-Recording Mixer; Blake Leyh, Music Mixer

Sound Mixing For A Comedy or Drama Series (half-hour) & Animation

Nurse Jackie • The Lady With The Lamp • Showtime • Showtime Presents, Lionsgate Television, Jackson Group Entertainment, A Caryn Mandabach Production, Clyde Phillips Productions; Jan McLaughlin, Production Sound Mixer; Peter Waggoner, Re-Recording Mixer

Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One-Hour)
House Of Cards
• Chapter 14 • Netflix • Donen/Fincher/Roth and Trigger Street Productions, Inc. in association with Media Rights Capital for Netflix; Lorenzo Millan, Production Mixer; Nathan Nance, Re-Recording Mixer; Scott R. Lewis, Re-Recording Mixer

Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming
American Masters • Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin’ • PBS • A Production of Fuse Films and Thirteen’s American Masters for WNET; Eddie Kramer, Music Mixing; Steve Crook, Re-Recording Mixer

Sound Mixing For A Variety Series Or Special
The 56th Grammy Awards • CBS • AEG Ehrlich Ventures, LLC; Tom Holmes, Broadcast Production Mixer; Eric Johnston, Playback Mixer; John Harris, Broadcast Music Mixer; Eric Schilling, Broadcast Music Mixer; Mikael Stewart, House Production Mixer; Ron Reaves, House Music Mixer; Tom Pesa, Stage Mixer; Michael Parker, Stage Mixer; Pablo Munguia, Playback Mixer; Josh Morton, Package Mixer; Bob LaMasney, Sweetening Mixer

Original Music & Lyrics
67th Annual Tony Awards, Tom Kitt, music by; Lin-Manuel Miranda, lyrics • Song Title: Bigger!, CBS White Cherry Entertainment

Music Composition For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special (Original Dramatic Score)
Sherlock: His Last Vow (Masterpiece), David Arnold, music by; Michael Price, music by • PBS • Hartswood West for BBC/Cymru Wales in co-production with Masterpiece

Original Main Title Design
True Detective • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Neon Black, Anonymous Content, Parliament of Owls and Passenger; Patrick Clair, Creative Director; Raoul Marks, Animator; Jennifer Sofio Hall, Creative Producer

5:43PM: Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia said they were supposed to be joined by former First Lady Roselyn Carter in presenting Emmy wins for music competitions, but regret to inform attendees she could not be there. “She sends her regards and wants you to know she’s just really swamped right now,” Brownstein said.

“Music. Everybody hate it. And music is hard,” Armisen, a musician and Late Night bandleader, continued. Brownstein agreed, noting the movie Moulin Rouge had been nominated for multiple awards back in its day, “but tonight, nothing – zero.” Then Armisen gave out his phone number and Brownstein her email address.

No, we cannot explain it.

Original Main Title Theme Music
COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey, Alan Silvestri, Music By• FOX/NatGeo • Fuzzy Door Productions and Cosmos Studios, Inc. in association with FOX Broadcasting Company and National Geographic Channel

In accepting his award, Silvestri quipped at the end of his speech: “I have two special thanks left.” He then thanked (Cosmos host) ‘Neil DeGrasse Tyson’ and ‘the voice of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’.”

Music Direction
The Beatles: The Night That Changed America, CBS AEG Ehrlich Ventures, LLC; Don Was, Music Director

Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score)
COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey, Alan Silvestri, Music By• Standing Up In The Milky Way • FOX/NatGeo • Fuzzy Door Productions and Cosmos Studios, Inc. in association with FOX Broadcasting Company and National Geographic Channel

This was two-time Oscar nominee Silverstri’s second win tonight for Cosmos out of two Emmy nominations — his first.

5:55PM: Community’s Joel McHale and Jim Rash, on stage to present Emmys in camerawork and lighting design categories, said their being on stage can only mean one thing: “This show has been cancelled” and then renewed on an internet streaming network. Jim Rash wanted to sing: “Oh TV, What have you got on all your channels? What’s on them tonight?”

“You just stabbed these people with sharpened screwdrivers in their ears,” McHale said, accurately.

Lighting Design /Lighting Direction For A Variety Special
Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony • NBC • NBC in association with FiveCurrents; Al Gurden, Lighting Director; Peter Canning, Lighting Designer; Michael Owen, Lighting Director; Ross Williams, Lighting Director

Lighting Design /Lighting Direction For A Variety Series
Dancing With the Stars; Simon Miles, Lighting Designer; Suzanne Sotelo, Lighting Director; Matthew Cotter, Lighting Director

Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control For A Series
Dancing With The Stars • Episode 1711A • ABC • BBC Worldwide Productions; Charles Ciup, Technical Director; Bert Atkinson, Camera; Larry Heider, Camera; Bettina Levesque, Camera; Dave Levisohn, Camera; Mike Malone, Camera; Adam Margolis, Camera; Rob Palmer, Camera; Hector Ramirez, Camera; Brian Reason, Camera;Seth Saint Vincent, Camera; Damien Tuffereau; Camera Easter Xua, Camera; Chris Gray, Video Control

Technical Direction, Camerawork,  Video Control For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special
The Sound Of Music Live! • NBC • Universal Television, Sony Pictures Television, Storyline Entertainment; Emmett Loughran, Technical Director; Robert Muller, Technical Director; Rob Balton, Camera; Jerry Cancel, Camera; Lesley Hankey, Camera; Ray Hoover, Camera; Charlie Huntley, Camera; Andrew Jansen, Camera; Jay Kulick, Camera; Jeff Latonero, Camera; Pat Minietta, Camera; Brian Phraner, Camera; Claus Stuhl Weissenburg, Camera; Mark Whitman, Camera; Susan Noll, Video Control; Yoneet Solange, Video Control

Governor’s Award: Marion Dougherty C.S.A.,
Jon Voight reflected on his late supporter who discovered him and ultimately championed him for the feature film Midnight Cowboy: After about 90 breakneck minutes of awards dispensing, stage dashing and speech giving, Jon Voight took his time presenting the Governor’s Award to late casting director Marion Dougherty.  The Emmy-nominated actor told a rambling tale of how Dougherty gave him his first part in Naked City, but as an inexperienced young actor he used up all his emotion on the long shots so had nothing left for the close-ups. Then, he said, he wrote several apologetic letters to Dougherty for blowing the part. But he never sent them. Years later, when he found out Dougherty was the casting agent for Midnight Cowboy, Voight used his last dollars to take a red-eye to New York, hoping she would see him. He ran into her in her office and told her about the letters of apology he never mailed.  “I wish you’d mailed that letter,” she said. Then she introduced Voight to director John Schlesinger. “That was to become the turning point of my career,” Voight said.

Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live

Fallon was a no show.  “Fallon was unable to be here tonight, cause he was arrested,” Joel McHale joked. “But we are happy to accept this award and will keep it forever. Haha.”

Special and Visual Effects
Game of Thrones • The Children • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; Television 360; Startling Television and Generator Productions; Joe Bauer, Lead Visual Effects Supervisor; Joern Grosshans, Visual Effects Supervisor; Steve Kullback, Lead Visual Effects Producer; Adam Chazen, Visual Effects Coordinator; Eric Carney, Visual Effects Previs Lead; Sabrina Gerhardt, Visual Effects Animation Producer; Matthew Rouleau, CG Supervisor; Thomas H. Schelesny, CG Sequence Supervisor; Robert Simon, Visual Effects Concept Designer

Special And Visual Effects In A Supporting Role
Black Sails • I. • Starz • Platinum Dunes and Quaker Moving Pictures in association with Starz Originals; Erik Henry, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor; Paul Graff, Visual Effects Supervisor; George Murphy,Visual Effects Supervisor; Annemarie Griggs, Visual Effects Producer; Mitch Claspy, Visual Effects Coordinator; Jeremy Hattingh, Visual Effects On-set Lead; Doug Hardy, Special Effects Lead; Nick Hsieh, Compositing Lead; Steve Messing, Matte Artist

Stunt Coordination For A Comedy Series Or Variety Program
Brooklyn Nine-Nine • FOX • Universal Television, Fremulon, Dr. Goor Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment, Norman Howell, Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordination for A Drama Series, Miniseries Or Movie
The Blacklist • NBC • Sony Pictures Television and Davis Entertainment; Cort L. Hessler III, Stunt Coordinator

Children’s Program
One Last Hug: Three Days At Grief Camp • HBO • HBO Documentary Films in association with GDH Productions and Vermilion Films; Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer; Sara Bernstein, Supervising Producer; Greg DeHart, Produced by; Paul Freedman, Produced by

Appearing onstage to pick up his team’s win, DeHart joked: “My daughter will be disappointed. She wanted Dog With A Blog” to win.

Character Voice-Over Performance
Harry Shearer as Kent Brockman, Mr. Burns, Younger Burns, Smithers; The Simpsons • Four Regrettings And A Funeral • FOX • Gracie Films in association with 20th Century Fox Television

Shearer, bagging his first ever voice-over Emmy for The Simpsons, said —  nothing. He was a no show.

Outstanding Narrator
Jeremy Irons, narrator, Game Of Lions • Nat Geo WILD • Wildlife Films for National Geographic Channels

Jeremy Irons won this year’s best narrator Emmy. He, like Harry Shearer, who won for best voice-over performance, was a no show. Presenters Aisha Tyler and Judy Greer, from FX’s Archer, accepted the statuettes on behalf of both men. “Judy and I are going to get drunk and make our two Emmys have sex,” Tyler concluded.

Outstanding Commercial
• Apple • Park Pictures, Production Company TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Ad Agency

Cinematography For A Multi-Camera Series
How I Met Your Mother • Daisy • CBS • Twentieth Century Fox Television, Christian La Fountaine, Director of Photography

Cinematography For A Single Camera Series
True Detective • Who Goes There • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Neon Black, Anonymous Content, Parliament of Owls and Passenger; Adam Akrapaw, Director of Photography

Cinematography For Nonfiction Programming
The Square • Netflix • Noujaim Films, Maktube Productions, Netflix Originals, Worldview Entertainment, Roast Beef Productions and Participant Media for Netflix; Jehane Noujaim, Director of Photography; Muhammed Hamdy, Director of Photography; Ahmed Hassan, Director of Photography; Cressida Trew, Director of Photography

Cinematography For Reality Programming
Deadliest Catch • Careful What You Wish For, Discovery Channel Original Productions, LLC, a FremantleMedia Company for the Discovery Channel

Cinematography For A Miniseries Or Movie
Sherlock: His Last Vow (Masterpiece) • PBS • Hartswood West for BBC/Cymru Wales in co-production with Masterpiece; Neville Kidd, Director of Photography

Informational Series Or Special (Tie)
Anthony Bourdain Creative Arts Emmys
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown • CNN • Zero Point Zero Productions; Anthony Bourdain, Executive Producer; Chris Collins, Executive Producer; Lydia Tenaglia, Executive Producer;Sandra Zweig, Executive Producer; Nick Brigden, Producer; Michael Steed, Producer;Tom Vitale, Producer; Jared Andrukanis, Producer

Vice • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Vice and Bill Maher Productions; Bill Maher, Executive Producer; Shane Smith, Executive Producer; Eddy Moretti, Executive Producer; BJ Levin, Executive Producer; Jedd Thomas, Senior Producer; Jonah Kaplan, Series Producer

“When we pitched this show, they said young people don’t care about news and especially don’t care about international news,” Vice EP Shane Smith said as he picked up his Emmy. “Well, guess what? You were wrong.”

Documentary or Nonfiction Series (Tie)
American Masters • PBS • A Production of Thirteen’s American Masters for WNET; Susan Lacy, Executive Producer; Julie Sacks, Supervising Producer / Series Producer; Junko Tsunashima, Supervising Producer Dori Berinstein, Produced by

weintraubYears Of Living Dangerously • Showtime • Showtime Presents, A Roaring Fork Films Production; Joel Bach, Executive Producer; David Gelber, Executive Producer; Daniel Abbasi, Executive Producer; Jennifer Latham, Supervising Producer; Adam Bolt, Senior Producer; Solly Granatstein, Producer; Jacob Kornbluth, Producer; Jerry Weintraub, Executive Producer; James Cameron, Executive Producer; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Executive Producer

Backstage, Weintraub, who has a deal at HBO, talked about how the climate change documentary came to be at Showtime.Showtime jumped on it, it wasn’t a moneymaking thing.  They did it for the world. I didn’t take any money for this series, it was the first thing in showbiz in my entire life (that’s happened). It’s an important series in my life and the world’s life,” he said, adding, “It’s my first time out with Showtime — HBO was not happy about that. They’ll figure it out.” He called fellow producer Arnold Schwarzenegger a great governor “who did a lot of great things.”  

Documentary Or Nonfiction Special
JFK (American Experience) • PBS • American Experience is a production of WGBH; Mark Samels, Executive Producer Sharon Grimberg, Senior Producer; Susan Bellows, Produced by

Exceptional Merit In Documentary Filmmaking
Life According To Sam • HBO • HBO Documentary Films in association with Fine Films
Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer; Nancy Abraham, Senior Producer; Sean Fine, Produced by; Andrea Nix Fine, Produced by

Writing For Nonfiction Programming
COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey, Ann Druyan, Written by Steven Soter, Written by • Standing Up In The Milky Way • FOX/NatGeo • Fuzzy Door Productions and Cosmos Studios, Inc. in association with FOX Broadcasting Company and National Geographic Channel; Ann Druyan, Written By; Steven Soter, Written By

Directing For Nonfiction Programming
The Square • Netflix • Noujaim Films, Maktube Productions, Netflix Originals, Worldview Entertainment, Roast Beef Productions and Participant Media for Netflix; Jehane Noujaim, Directed by

Creative Achievement in Interactive Media (Juried)
Multiplatform Storytelling: Discovery Channel’s Skywire Live with Nik Wallenda; Guhan Selvaretnam, SVP, Digital Media; Scott Lewers, SVP, Programming; Brian Dean, Senior Producer;Josh Arensberg, VP, Engineering; Jessica Wolfley, Director, Digital Strategy, Discovery Channel

Original Interactive Program: Just a Reflektor, AATOAA, Google Creative Lab, UNIT9;Vincent Morisset, Director, AATOAA’ Aaron Koblin, Creative Director, Google Creative Lab;

Social TV Experience: hitRECord On TV, hitRECord, Pivot, Brian Graden Media, Pivot

Live From Space, Matthew Zymet, Director, Digital Media;Alison Walsh, Senior Producer, Digital Media; Katy Anadale, Director, Digital Marketing;Jon Eick, Manager, Social Media;Char Serwa, Vice President, Production

User Experience And Visual Design: Game of Thrones Viewers Guide, HBO, HBO Digital and Social Media, Definition 6, HBO

XFINITY TV On The X1 Platform,

Interactive Program

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Digital Experience • NBC • NBC Entertainment NBC Entertainment Digital

Special Class –Short-Format Live- Action Entertainment Program
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama • • Funny Or Die, Scott Aukerman, Executive Producer; Zach Galifianakis, Executive Producer; BJ Porter, Executive Producer; Mike Farah, Executive Producer; Sean Boyle, Producer; Rachel Goldberg, Producer

Zach Galifianakis won the Emmy for Special Class-Short Format Live-Action Entertainment Program for his Between Two Ferns interview with President Obama. Neither man could be here to accept the award – they’re filming in Vancouver, attendees were told.

Special Class –Short-Format Nonfiction Program
30 For 30 Shorts • ESPN • ESPN Films in association with Resonance Story Company; Connor Schell, Executive Producer; John Dahl, Executive Producer; Bill Simmons, Executive Producer; Maura Mandt, Executive Producer; Dan Silver, Producer; Tate Donovan, Producer

Special Class Program
67th Annual Tony Awards
• CBS • White Cherry  Entertainment; Ricky Kirshner, Executive Producer; Glenn Weiss, Executive Producer; Neil Patrick Harris, Producer/Host


So You Think You Can Dance • Routines:  Puttin’ on the Ritz / Gold Rush / Run the World, FOX Dick Clark Productions, Inc. in association with 19 Entertainment; Tabitha Dumo, Choreographer; Napoleon Dumo, Choreographer

Directing For A Variety Series
Saturday Night Live • Host: Jimmy Fallon • NBC • SNL Studios in association with Universal Television and Broadway Video; Don Roy King, Directed by

Writing For A Variety Series
The Colbert Report • Comedy Central • Hello Doggie, Inc. with Busboy Productions and Spartina Productions; Opus Moreschi, Head Writer; Stephen Colbert, Writer; Tom Purcell, Writer; Richard Dahm, Writer; Barry Julien, Writer; Michael Brumm, Writer; Rob Dubbin, Writer; Jay Katsir, Writer; Frank Lesser, Writer; Glenn Eichler, Writer; Meredith Scardino, Writer; Max Werner, Writer; Eric Drysdale, Writer; Paul Dinello, Writer; Nate Charny, Writer; Sam Kim, Writer; Aaron Cohen, Writer; Gabe Gronli, Writer; Matt Lappin, Writer

Always a highlight of any Emmy night in which it falls: the best Variety Series Writing category. This year, the nominee clips included The Daily Show‘s reading of its writers’ names using George W. Bush portraits,  while Amy Schumer’s late-night show went with doctored American Apparel ads, and Tonight Show had Brian Williams rap its writers’ names. The soon-to-be-ended The Colbert Report won.

Variety Special
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Mel Brooks
• TNT • AFI Productions; Bob Gazzale, Executive Producer; Cort Casady, Supervising Producer; Chris Merrill, Producer; Martin Short, Performer/Host

7:18PM: Nick Kroll and Paul Scheer were presenters for the reality TV categories. But first, they named winners in a few reality categories of their own creation: “Most Annoying Ad” that viewers mistakenly think is a show, only it’s “just a shitty ad: That goes to Mad Men,” they said. “Best Live Tweeting by Cast Fearing Cancellation. That goes to every show on ABC,” they said.

Unstructured Reality Program
Deadliest Catch • Discovery Channel • Original Productions, LLC, a FremantleMedia Company for the Discovery Channel; Thom Beer, Executive Producer; Jeff Conroy, Executive Producer; John Gray, Executive Producer; David Pritikin, Executive Producer; R. Decker Watson, Jr., Co-Executive Producer; Johnny Beechler, Supervising Producer; Geoff Miller, Supervising Producer

Structured Reality Program

Shark Tank • ABC • Sony Pictures Television; Mark Burnett, Executive Producer; Clay Newbill, Executive Producer; Phil Gurin, Executive Producer; Yun Lingner, Co-Executive Producer; Jim Roush, Co-Executive Producer; Max Swedlow, Co-Co-Executive Producer; Bill Gaudsmith, Supervising Producer;  Becky Blitz, Senior Producer; Sami Aziz, Producer; Heather M. Dreiling, Producer; Michael Kramer, Producer; Laura Roush, Producer; Kate Ryu, Producer

Host for a Reality Or Reality Competition
Jane Lynch, host, Hollywood Game Night
• NBC • Hazy Mills Productions, Mission Control Media and Universal Television

Lynch, previously an Emmy winner for Fox dramedy Glee, thanked the show’s executive producer Sean Hayes. “Sean Hayes, thank you for taking your crazy party and pitching it to NBC…thank you NBC for taking the bait. I hope we’ll do more. I’m tickled pink, actually.”

Backstage, Lynch praised Glee for being”impactful” for kids adding that she’s glad the show will be seen by future generations in syndication.

adubaGuest Actress In A Comedy Series
Uzo Aduba as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, Orange Is The New Black, Netflix
Uzo Aduba thanked series creator Jenji Kohan and her fellow cast members and nominees Natasha Lyonne and Laverne Cox, then thanked her family in the audience, including her mother  “who came here from Nigeria to make a better life for her family” — and Netflix for “putting something like this on television so that everyone can be represented in such a beautiful way.”














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