Mooradian's Hushed Hiring At Paramount

I’ve been meaning to post that independent producer Greg Mooradian has become SVP of production to Adam Goodman, the prez of production at Paramount. There’s an interesting backstory here: Mooradian was responsible for finding Twilight as a pre-published manuscript and bringing it to David Gale at MTV Films who in turn brought it to Karen Rosenfelt who was president of production at Paramount and bought the book from Mooradian and MTV to develop and produce. “Since Paramount couldn’t hold onto the property, they did the next best thing in hiring the person who found and developed the property but whom has never received proper credit,” one of my sources snarked. Mooradian actually started the new job last Tuesday but without so much as even a brief announcement. I hear that’s because Paramount thought it wouldn’t look good to be hiring in the middle of all its layoffs.

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