RATINGS RAT RACE: Nets’ Results Inflated On Night Of Obama’s Iraq Announcement & NFL Pre-Emptions

Between NFL preseason pre-emptions in major markets across the country and President Obama‘s announcement of military action to address the deteriorating situation in Iraq, last night’s primetime was all over the shop. All the preliminary ratings will see adjustments when the final numbers come out later today.

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President Obama Iraq AddressWhile CBS didn’t cut to the short 9:30 PM ET speech from the White House on the East Coast, the network did have football on in the NY, LA, SF and Boston markets among others. With games covering about 22% of the U.S., the preliminary results of last night’s Big Brother (2.7/9) can be gauged only as approximate itself. Having said that, the live one-hour BB again was the top-rated show of the night and up 22% from its August 1 show. Otherwise, CBS was all encores on Thursday. Fox didn’t cut away to the POTUS speech on the East Coast either, though some affiliates picked up the Fox News feed, and it had football too. With that in mind, the network’s only original of the night, Gang Related (0.9/3), was up 28% among adults 18-49 from last week, but that will change later in the day. (more…)

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