Lionsgate CEO Calls Consolidation An “Opportunity” But Not A Must-Do

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Lionsgate is on just about everybody’s list of potential takeover targets when they think of deals that might follow Fox’s aborted $80B run at Time Warner. Lots of media companies, and perhaps tech ones, would love to have Lionsgate’s library of movie hits including The Hunger Games and TV shows such as Orange Is The New Black and Nurse Jackie. And it’s affordable, as these things go, with a market value of about $4.3B. So all ears were on CEO Jon LionsgateLogoFeltheimer when the consolidation question came up this morning in his quarterly call with analysts. As you might expect, he left himself a lot of wiggle room: “We’re going to keep a close eye” on what happens, he says, adding that the company sees deals “more as an opportunity than a threat. … We feel as a disruptive, opportunistic company we’re poised to take advantage.” Still, he adds, “we’re pretty good at growing things. … We don’t feel that we have to do anything.”

Vice Chairman Michael Burns says that Lionsgate doesn’t need to be much bigger following its 2012 acquisition of Summit Entertainment. That “put us over the tipping point of being able to compete globally. We don’t have to do another acquisition.” (more…)

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