Specialty Box Office Preview: James Cameron Dives Into ‘Deepsea Challenge 3D’

A tragedy and a triumph made headlines two years ago when James Cameron took a submarine to the deepest known part of the ocean. The resulting documentary surfaces this weekend amid a fleet of Specialty newcomers heavy with non-fiction titles. James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D from distributor DisruptiveLA is also the week’s widest bow for a limited-release title, and will be going up against several wide-release rollouts from studios. Toronto ’13 doc The Dog (Drafthouse Films), which spotlights the real-life person behind Al Pacino‘s character in Sidney Lumet’s 1975 film Dog Day Afternoon, will open in New York and L.A. At the story’s center is a bank robbery and card-carrying employees of the financial institution even get a free pass to see it in its first week. Music Box Films will bow Fifi Howls From Happiness with an exclusive NYC run, while Screen Media will open one of the weekend’s narrative Specialty titles, About Alex. The weekend will also see releases from CBS Films (What If) and Cinema Guild (What Now? Remind Me) with limited rollouts.

James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge 3D

Director: John Bruno, Ray Quint, Andrew Wight

Subjects: James Cameron, Frank Lotito, Lachlan Woods

Distributor: DisruptiveLA

Deepsea Challenge posterJohn Bruno had been aware of the Deepsea Challenge project over its many years of development. The 3D documentary chronicles Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron’s diving expeditions, culminating in his record-breaking 35,787-foot dive to the deepest known place on Earth, the Mariana Trench, off the coast of Guam on March 26, 2012.

At the time, my part of it was to join the expedition to support Jim,” said Bruno. “I wasn’t going to [formally] work on it. I was going to take pictures. Andrew [Wight] was going to produce and direct and I wanted to see Papua New Guinea and be there for the event. It was on my own dime.”

With the submarine ready for a test dive and Bruno set to travel to the team, a tragedy struck that made headlines: both Wight and underwater cinematographer and marine conservationist Michael DeGruy had died in a helicopter accident. (more…)

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