Julia Stiles Plays Hard To Get In ‘Phoenix’; Last Chance For ‘Violet’

Just as I began wondering whether Julia Stiles would do anything, even handstands, to breathe some life into¬†Phoenix, she did exactly that while committing several more acts of yoga during the not-brief-enough show. All to no avail: it’s DOA.

Give her an A for Effortfulness, if not Effort: In addition to the headstand, Stiles stretches, pumps, preens, glowers, hollers and coos as Sue, a traveling nurse who prefers one-night stands to anything smacking of commitment. In Scott Organ’s off-Broadway two-hander, first produced in 2010 at the Humana New Plays Festival in Louisville, Sue’s fling with Bruce (James Wirt, earnest and determined) is complicated by ensuing pregnancy, which she is intent on terminating. Bruce is OK with the abortion but not with terminating the relationship that Sue insists does not exist. Silly Sue.

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