Autism-Disney Memoir ‘Life, Animated’ To Get Docu Treatment

A&E IndieFilms, the feature arm of A&E Studios, has partnered with Motto Pictures and Roger Ross Williams Productions to produce Life, Animated, a feature-length docu about an autistic boy who learned to communicate through his love for Disney films. Subject is Owen Suskind, the son of Pulitzer-winning journalist and Ron Suskind and his wife Cornelia, who couldn’t speak for years until he memorized dozens of Disney films and filtered them into his own way of communicating with his family members. They in turn embraced Owen’s Disney-fied new language to rally around him as a family. Roger Ross Williams (God Loves Uganda), who won the docu short Oscar for 2010’s Music By Prudence, is directing the film based on Ron Suskind’s book on the experience, which hit stands in April. (more…)

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