‘24: Live Another Day’ Finale Crowd Surges By 3 Mil-Plus When Live+7 Stats Added

Nielsen issued Live+7 numbers for the 24: Live Another Day finale — the finale Fox first aired way back on July 14 — showing the wrap-up grew 45%, from 6.5 million to 9.4 million viewers. Fox is projecting the finale will wind up with another 12% audience growth from nonlinear viewing (VOD 4+ Days, Fox Now, Hulu.com) to reach a total of 10.7 million viewers.

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During last month’s Summer TCA Press Tour, Fox was among the networks patiently preaching to the press that they should report Live+7 Stats on TV programs, even though Nielsen takes so long to report them as to exceed even many TV critics’ interest. At that presentation, reporters and critics also heard execs preaching they should report networks’ projections for additional of programming viewing up to 30 days after premiere, to include VOD 4+ Days, Hulu viewing, etc.

“This is yet another example of how the overall picture of an episode or show can change when you consider the viewing that takes place on non-traditional platforms,” Fox said today, putting its TCA presentation to the test. “Live+Same Day numbers are useful from a directional standpoint, but the full picture of performance really isn’t captured until you look at the longer tail of viewing.”

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