Note To Paul Feig: Take A Lesson From The All-Femme ‘Odd Couple’

It seemed like a great idea at the time, which was 1984, right in the heart of the Age of Second-Wave Feminism: Recast the greatest guy-comedy of all time, Neil Simon‘s The Odd Couple, not only with a female Oscar and Felix, but with their hard-drinking, crotch-scratching, stogie-smoking, moldy-sandwich-scarfing, deodorant-and-English-challenged poker pals all played by birds as well. And speaking of birds, those fun-lovably ditzy sisters, the Pigeons — well they’ll be played by guys! What could be more hilarious?

As it turned out, waterboarding is more hilarious. Working for Apple in China is more hilarious. As my colleague Mike Fleming points out in his Sunday rant about Paul Feig‘s pitch for a distaff Ghostbusters, what’s saucy for the goose is, more often than not, radioactive for the gander. Tinker at your own risk.


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