Comic-Con: Quentin Tarantino Confirms ‘Hateful Eight’ Is A Go; Talks ‘Django Unchained-Zorro’ Comic Book

After being prodded by a fan’s question, Quentin Tarantino confirmed that he is moving forward with his feature western The Hateful Eight. The announcement was made at Dynamite Comic’s panel for the Django Unchained-Zorro crossover comic-book.  Everyone in Room 6BCF erupted with cheers.

In fielding fan questions, Tarantino also teased that he’s working on an extended cut of Kill Bill that would include animated footage that was cut out of the original 2003 film.

Taking the stage this afternoon, Tarantino also earned the second biggest standing ovation at Comic-Con this weekend after Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron clip in Hall H. The whole idea for a Django Unchained-Zorro crossover comic book sparked when Dynamite CEO and publisher Nick Barruci phoned  Django producer Reginald Hudlin prior to the film’s release and pitched “Django meets Zorro.”  (Zorro has been one of the titles in Dynamite’s library for some time as well as The Long Ranger). When Hudlin brought the idea up to Tarantino over dinner, the filmmaker immediately took to it.  It was always part of his vision to have a Django western paperback series.

“I loved this idea, not only because I like western comics in general, but I also loved Zorro in all his iterations whether it was the Disney series or the William Witney films. I thought it was a great idea of taking the most famous, fictional Mexican western hero and putting him together with the newer, famous black western hero,” said Tarantino.

“I don’t want to make a ton of Django movies so this offered me a chance to keep control of the mythology, but to tell different stories,” added the filmmaker referencing the 1978, standalone Star Wars novel Splinter of the Mind’s Eye as a inspirational reference.

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Tarantino is co-plotting the comic book series with Matt Wagner doing final dialogue and Esteve Polls (The Lone Ranger) illustrating.  The comic hits store shelves in November.

Since Django takes place four years before the Civil War and Zorro’s era is around 1815, Tarantino and the Dynamite creatives had to take Zorro back to the past.  Tarantino wanted a Luke-Obi Wan Kenobi relationship between the two, so they made Zorro a much older man in the comic-book. Behind the mask of Zorro, we’ll find that Don Diego is fastidious with a liking for cucumber sandwiches and tea time.  “But when he puts on that costume, he still kicks ass,” exclaimed Tarantino.

When the director brought up the comic-book spin-off to Jamie Foxx (Django), the actor exclaimed to Tarantino, “Can we make this movie? Let’s get Antonio (Banderas) and a make a movie!”

Laughed Tarantino to the crowd, “God knows Banderas will be old enough if we make the movie!”

The character of Dr. King Schultz will also appear in a flashback in the comic book, and is based on a scripted scene that Tarantino cut from the film.  The filmmaker originally cut the sequence as it was repetitive in displaying Schultz’s modus operandi.

When asked by a fan if he would make a movie that wasn’t rated R, Tarantino yelled, “Fuck no!”

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