FINAL: Intl Box Office: ‘Transformers’ Adds $84.6M; ‘Apes’ Swings Up With $61.9M; ‘Boyhood’ Growing In UK; More

cinemaworld2ND UPDATE, MONDAY 3:20 PM PT: Updated figures for the international weekend have come in with all studios reporting. Among the top movies in the marketplace, Transformers: Age Of Extinction‘s 4th frame was up from original estimates to $84.6M in 58 territories ($662.6M cume), and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was slightly higher than predicted in its 2nd frame with $61.93M on 10,347 screens in 51 markets ($103.6M cume).

Also of note, Fox’s The Grand Budapest Hotel has officially passed $110M internationally, adding $491K in 15 territories this weekend. Meanwhile, Boyhood, which Universal is releasing most everywhere overseas, added 60 locations in its 2nd UK frame. The result was a 0% drop from last week with $537K at 89 dates. The UK/Ireland total is now $1.5M (£892K). With the buzz growing, Universal is looking to continue the pattern by increasing the number of screens in more regional areas this Friday. In the next few days, the studio says the Richard Linklater drama will best the director’s Before Sunset (£932K) and A Scanner Darkly (£995K) to become his 2nd biggest film in the market behind School Of Rock.

Updated throughout the below are figures on the above films as well as Planes: Fire & Rescue, Sex Tape, The Purge: Anarchy, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Step Up All In, Maleficent, Blended, The Fault In Our Stars, 22 Jump Street, Edge Of Tomorrow, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Jersey Boys, Neighbors, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’ Movie, A Million Ways To Die In The West, and Rico, Oskar Und Die Tieferschatten.

1ST UPDATE, SUNDAY 3:35 PM PT: Box office is down 15% on last weekend across the Top 10 studio titles internationally, but it was up 13% compared to last year as Transformers: Age Of Extinction and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes respectively added $84.6M and $61.93M overseas. Outside the studios, China had a massive opening with threequel Tiny Times 3. The Guo Jingming-directed film is a follow-up to last year’s first Tiny_Times_3_postertwo installments which were big hits at home and based on the 31-year-old helmer’s own novel about four twenty-something females. The Le Vision Pictures title was No. 3 at the overall international box office, according to Rentrak, with a cume of $48M after opening late last week. Also near the top of Rentrak’s chart is The House That Never Dies, a 3D horror pic that earned $21.2M in China (see the key market round-ups below for more).

At this time last year, Despicable Me 2 was the No. 1 film internationally for the 3rd week in a row with $35.4M. Pacific Rim was just below that with $34.8M and Turbo launched in 28 markets with $22.6M. Apes will add key Latin American markets including Mexico and Brazil next weekend while the only wide new entry is Hercules. Dwayne Johnson plays the titular hero in what will be the second Hercules-themed movie this year after Summit’s The Legend Of Hercules with Kellan Lutz drew $42M internationally. Brett Ratner’s Hercules will go to 30 markets next week including the UK, Russia and Australia, and it’s worth remembering that Johnson was the No. 1 international box office star of 2013 with $857.9M across five titles: Fast & Furious 6, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Pain & Gain, Snitch and Empire State. Johnson will have a clear week to flex his muscles in the actioner before Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy enters the global universe on July 31.

Key market round-ups are below the original post.

PREVIOUS, 12 PM PT: The major new entries this weekend were Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue and Sony’s Cameron Diaz/Jason Segel comedy Sex Tape, but it was Autobots and Apes who continued to dominate overseas play.

planes fire and rescueOpening to $8.9M in 24 international markets (about 40% of its international footprint) this weekend, Planes: Fire & Rescue notably traveled to post-World Cup Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Spain. It also bowed in Japan — something of a rarity in today’s world which sees the market often left till later on the overseas rollout calendar. For the first film, however, Japan was the best ex-U.S. market with a $10.9M cume. The sequel had a Japan debut of $800K just as the six-week school holiday gears up. Its top overseas market this weekend was Mexico with $1.8M, followed by Brazil with $1.1M and Spain at $900K. Next weekend, Planes flies into Belgium, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, Venezuela and Finland. It will continue to roll out over the summer as one of two studio animated films in the market along with Fox’s How To Train Your Dragon 2.

Sex Tape, which has had a pretty soft opening Stateside, picked up $3M in nine overseas markets this weekend. Australia delivered the top debut with $2.4M on 315 screens and a No. 2 slot after Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Diaz’ earlier summer comedy The Other Woman had strong legs in Oz, even trumping The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the No. 1 spot in its 2nd frame back in April (Fox’s The Other Woman, btw, has now passed $111M overseas). The Sex Tape unspooling Down Under was also on par with Diaz and Segel’s last picture together, Bad Teacher. Russia and Spain have Sex Tape queued up for next week.

transformers 4It may have dropped to No. 5 in the domestic rankings this weekend, but Transformers: Age Of Extinction continues to crush it overseas, adding $84.6M in its 4th frame. In 58 territories overall, the international cume to date is $662.6M. Michael Bay’s previous franchise film, Dark Of The Moon, ended its run with $771.4M internationally. Seven new markets were added this frame including Brazil where TAOE stormed in on the first non-World Cup weekend in a month. The debut was a strong $16.3M, including previews, from 510 locations. The haul is bigger than the lifetime cumes of all three previous pics in the franchise, says Paramount. Also picking up where the World Cup left off, TAOE rolled into Germany for a $12.5M opening weekend including previews from 645 locations. That’s the biggest opening weekend of 2014. France was worth $10M at 850 dates and Italy saw $5.4M from 440 locations for the 2nd biggest bow of the year. In another milestone, Peru delivered a $2.7M opening at 75 sites for the 2nd biggest opening of all time for a Hollywood film. In China, TAOE now has a cume of $286.6M. It added $10.6M at 4,400 locations this frame, and will likely start to wind down its run there with local pics heavy in the market including this frame’s new entry Tiny Times 3 (numbers to come on that later).

Some markets like the aforementioned Brazil and China, as well as Mexico – still No. 1 with a total $25.3M – are running well ahead of Dark Of The Moon. Korea has been running behind with a total there of $41.6M to date. The last movie made about $70M total. Local pic Kundo: Age Of The Rampant is expected to suck a fair bit of air out of the market next week.

Dawn-of-the-Planet-of-the-Apes-Caesar-eyesOn Wednesday last week, 20th Century Fox International became the first studio to cross $2B mark overseas. After beginning to roll out Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes last weekend, the studio added 29 markets this frame with $61.93M on 10,347 screens in a total 51 markets. The Matt Reeves-directed sequel had No. 1 rankings in 36 of those markets helping take the international cume to $103.6M. The UK was the top debut this frame with $14.88M on 1,400 screens and was 47% higher than Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. In Russia, the Apes drew $9.99M on 2,265 screens – a whopping 135% increase on Rise. Spain gave the movie its biggest industry opening weekend of 2014 with a nearly 60% share and $4.86M on 754 screens. In holdovers, Korea posted $9M on 954 screens which was a 22% drop from its first frame. The movie is now the 4th highest-grossing Fox title of all time in the market. There are still several major markets to release including Mexico and Brazil which form part of the 17 territories that will see Dawn next week.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 spread its wings for a further $14.6M from 7,494 screens in 66 markets. The international cume is now $226.4M. Big holdovers included the UK with $3.21M on 1,400 screens for a 27% drop and a $21.89M cume, and France which took $2.25M on 768 screens for a local cume of $18.18M. Toothless and the gang head to the important German market next week.

Step Up All In, which Universal is distributing in 18 territories, opened in France at No. 2 on Wednesday with $1.9 at 301 dates for the weekend. It’s playing well in the provinces and bowed lower than the last two installments but, 68% above Step Up 2. It was also No. 2 in Russia with $3.1M from 1,000 sites. That was 23% bigger than the last installment. The remaining markets contributed a further $2.9M for an overall weekend of $8.2M and a cume of $9.7M in nine markets on an estimated 1,800 screens.

Maleficent added $8.6M overseas this weekend, $4.5M of it in Japan, for an international cume of $468.5M, now more than double the domestic haul of $228.37. China is still tops at $47.6M followed by Mexico, Russia, Brazil and the UK.

blendedWarner Bros comedy Blended hit its first international territories in late May and has consistently added numbers despite its very tepid run Stateside. The Adam Sandler movie added $7.25M this weekend from 2,150 screens in 51 markets, bringing the international cume to $59.3M versus $44.9M domestic. In Brazil, where exhibition suffered less than expected during the World Cup, the movie opened to $2.1M on 353 screens for the No. 2 slot. And, it’s the best opening ever for Sandler in the market. With sneaks, the local cume is $4.1M.

The Fault In Our Stars shone brightly with another $4.81M from 3,508 screens in 55 markets. Brazil added $917K from 422 for a drop of 31% from last frame. The movie played super well as counterprogramming during the World Cup, and has become Fox’s biggest title in the market for 2014 with a local cume of $28.88M. Malaysia, where it’s understood there were some theater closures following Thursday’s tragic plane crash, opened to $461K from 100 screens.

Sony comedy 22 Jump Street grossed $3.4M from 40 territories for an offshore cume of $88.6M. Malaysia launched with $285K on 74 screens and Taiwan bowed with $164K on 62 screens. The previous film, 21 Jump Street, did not play in either territory. The Phil Lord and Christopher Miller-directed sequel wich has far outpaced its predecessor still has some big markets to come including Germany, France, Brazil and Mexico.

Tom Cruise-Doug Liman collaboration Edge Of Tomorrow still has life in it after bowing overseas in late May. The Warner Bros actioner added an estimated $2.3M from 1,705 screens in 57 markets this weekend. The international take is now $261.3M versus $96.6M domestic. In its 3rd weekend in Japan, the movie was down 28% with an extra $1.3M from 632 screens for an $11.6M cume. The film is expected to continue playing as school holidays kick off in that market.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past keeps mutating internationally with an additional $1.48M on 956 screens in 33 markets. The offshore cume is now $508.1M.

Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys (WB) added $1.45M at 820 dates in 16 markets for a cume of $12.35M. Oz is still the top overseas play for the musical transfer with $5.4M to date. Germany releases on July 31.

Universal’s Neighbors added $1.3M at 918 dates in 31 markets to bring the international cume to $105.3M. New bows included South Africa (No. 1, $142K at 54 dates) and Denmark (No. 4, $142K at 45 dates). Mexico is the top holdover with $528K at 333 dates for an 18-day total of $4.7M.

U’s local comedy in the UK, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’ Movie, was No. 6 in its 4th weekend with $914K at 410 dates. The cume there is now a hearty $21.74M for the TV-to-cinema transfer that opens later this week in Australia and New Zealand where the small screen series has a growing following.

Seth MacFarlane western/comedy hybrid A Million Ways To Die In The West continued its overseas run with an additional $1.1M at 1,892 dates in 36 territories. It opened in Vietnam at No. 4 with $71K at 34 dates. The international total is now $41.67M. There are four more territories to open over the next few months.

Boyhood, which Universal has in most overseas markets, and which has been the subject of super buzz Stateside, grossed an extra $645K at 310 dates in five territories this weekend. The international cume is now $4.46M. After bowing last frame, the UK added 60 locations and placed No. 8 with $537K at 89 dates and a 10-day total of $1.5M. There was zero drop from last week. In its 7th frame in Germany, the film has a total of $2.3M.

The-Purge-AnarchyUniversal unleashed The Purge: Anarchy in 14 overseas markets this weekend with $389,157 at 392 dates. The sequel about a world in which murder gets a one-day pass, was No. 3 in Turkey with $88K at 106 dates — a 40% bigger result than the opening weekend of The Purge. Other openings included Poland at No. 5 with $85K at 96 dates, on par with The Purge. Lebanon had a No. 3 open with $26K at 14 dates for a 69% bump on The Purge. Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK open next week.

Key market round-ups

Tiny Times 3, the latest installment of the local franchise, set a new opening day record in China on Thursday. FimBizAsia reported that with about 43.8% of all screenings nationwide, the film earned $16.7M on approximately 3.34M admissions. The drama set a record for the biggest single-day 2D gross, beating Beijing Love Story’s previous bar of $15.7M in February. Its bow was also a house that never diesrecord for the best opening day for a 2D movie, ousting previous record holder Where Are We Going, Dad? which had made $14.2M earlier this year. In all this frame, TT3 earned $48M. The 4th and final installment is set for release in February 2015 during the Lunar New Year holiday. Other domestic movies to open this weekend included 3D horror pic The House That Never Dies at $21.2M. As we expected, DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 now has its China release date set for mid-August, rolling out there on the 14th. Elsewhere in Asia, as it continues to perform in Korea and awaits an official Chinese release date, Dawn Of The Planet OF The Apes opened in Taiwan this weekend with $3.1M from 165 screens, and in Hong Kong with $2.23M from 132 screens. Fox also bowed The Fault In Our Stars in Malaysia with $461K from 100 screens, although given the recent tragic plane crash, there were some theater closures reported in the territory. Taiwan and Thailand get the film next weekend.

With the World Cup wrapped, host country Brazil welcomed the Autobots this weekend. TAOE stomped into Brazil with a strong $16.3M, including previews, from 510 locations. Ranking No. 2 behind that was Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore comedy Blended. The Warner Bros title surpassed all of its comps and is now the best debut ever for a Sandler film with a cume of $4.1M. Continuing to play after it worked as counterprogramming during the football tournament, The Fault In Our Stars added $917K from 422 screens in Brazil for a drop of 31% from last frame. The movie is Fox’s biggest title in the market for 2014 with a local cume of $28.88M. Also from Fox, How To Train Your Dragon 2 earned a further $1.03M for a cume of $21.34M. It’s the 3rd biggest animated film of the year in Brazil, behind Frozen and Fox’s Rio 2. Apes swings in next week. In Venezuela, where HTTYD2 just opened, it was the No. 1 film with $1.8M on 121 screens. Also in Venezuela, X-Men: Days Of Future Past has had a really strong run after opening as the last international market for the film. In five frames, it’s grossed $9.26M.

Now that things will have calmed down a bit after Germany’s big win at the World Cup, box office is likely to see a bump. Transformers: Age Of Extinction kicked things off this frame with $12.5M and the biggest opening weekend of 2014. Also still playing locally is Fox’s Rico, Oskar Und Die Tieferschatten with $326K in its 2nd frame for a $1.7M cume.

step up all inFrance has had a host of changeable weather over the past two weeks. While not the good kind for summer, it’s been better for the box office as unseasonably cold temperatures, rain and wind have battered parts of the country. TAOE had the 3rd best opening day of the year this past Wednesday and went on to earn $10M at 850 locations. Step Up All In was the No. 2 movie of the week with $1.9M at 301 dates. (It’s known locally as Sexy Dance 5 – All In Vegas.) Next week notably sees the arrival of The Raid 2, Planes: Fire & Rescue, and Boyhood which I’d expect to do pretty well locally. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes opens on July 30.

The Apes swung into the UK this weekend with a big No. 1 at $14.88M on 1,400 screens. Transformers: Age Of Extinction’s 2nd week take in the UK was $3M at 524 locations for a 52% drop. Total box office to date there is $26.5M while DOTM topped out at about $45M in 2011. Among the new entries next week are Earth To Echo, Hercules and The Purge: Anarchy.

I’ve asked a number of distributors this week if they think there will be any issues with Russia as a box office market going forward given the ongoing turmoil. I’m told on the one hand that studios are unlikely to change their release plans despite political upset. I’m also cautioned that while it’s business as usual at the moment, it’s unclear for now if any sanctions will pop up. Movies that opened in Russia this weekend include Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes at No. 1 with $9.99M on 2,265 screens, and Step Up All In which was No. 2 with $3.1M from 1,000 sites. Sex Tape starts screening next week. One exec says, “I certainly don’t expect us to visit or send talent to Russia any time soon.”

Australia has perked up a bit of late with healthy performances for Hollywood movies. In its 2nd frame, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes earned $3.29M from 575 screens to hold the top spot. The cume there is $11.83M. In its 4th frame, TAOE grabbed another $1.1M from 273 locations for a cume of $24M and bragging rights as the No. 2 grosser of 2014. Moving up to the 6th spot of the year, 22 Jump Street added $857K in its 5th frame for a cume of $20.2M. Ahead of that, at No. 4 of 2014 is HTTYD2 which took a further $980K on 329 screens for a cume of $23.15M.

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