Filmmaker, Journalist & Undocumented Immigrant Jose Vargas Detained At Texas Airport

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and undocumented immigrant whose film Documented about the U.S. immigration debate aired recently on CNN has been detained at the McAllen, TX airport. A spokeswoman for the immigrant youth-led organization United We Dream told Business Insider that Vargas was trying to fly to Los Angeles to attend a screening of the film that aired June 29 on CNN when he was detained.

Vargas reportedly went to Texas last week to promote the efforts of immigration-reform groups to stand in solidarity with the unaccompanied children who have entered the U.S. from Mexico in recent months and are being held at a makeshift shelter. But he later realized the area was within a secure U.S. Customs and Border Protection perimeter where he possibly couldn’t leave without documentation.

Vargas revealed his “undocumented” status in a 2011 essay in The New York Times Magazine in an effort to promote dialogue about the immigration system in the U.S.

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