NBC’s ‘Constantine’ Adds Angelica Celaya In Zed Role

Telenovela actress Angelica Celaya will join the cast of NBC’s new supernatural thriller Constantine as the character Zed, the show’s producers revealed at today’s TCA panels.

Executive producer Daniel Cerone — appearing on the panel with EP David S. Goyer and cast members Harrold Perrineau, Matt Ryan  (who plays the title role) and Charles Halford — described Zed as a character with “an interesting dark past” and called her a perfect foil for the Constantine character. “Zed is intuitive, she can detect bulls***,” he said, and Constantine is a “bulls*** artist.”

The psychic Zed character will serve as a replacement of sorts for the character of Liv Aberdine, played by True Blood actress Lucy Griffiths, who is leaving the show. The network had previously announced that the Zed character, who appears in the Hellblazer and Constantine comics series on which the series is based, would be aded during early episodes of the show.

The producers said that there was no need to reshoot the pilot without Griffiths.  In Constantine’s life, Goyer said, “characters drop around him like flies” and having the character leave the show seemed “kind of consistent with the character.”

Goyer called Constantine “one of the great characters of modern literature” but added that the success of the 2005 movie Constantine with Keanu Reeves “didn’t hurt.“  He says when he was given his choice of comic-book characters for a  TV franchise, he chose Constantine.  “He is the best the comic book world has written and drawn,” he said. “For me, having worked on Batman and Superman, that was the guy.”

Although Constantine eventually became  its own comic series, Goyer revealed that he first discovered the character when he was about 16 years old, when Constantine appeared in the Swamp Thing comics.  In fact, Goyer wrote a letter to the editor of Swamp Thing that was eventually published in a subsequent issue of the comic.

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