Rick Santorum’s Company Set Date For Religious Freedom Pic That Covers Hobby Lobby Case

Ripped from the still-drying headlines: The former GOP presidential hopeful’s EchoLight Studios said today that it will release One Generation Away: The Erosion Of Religious Liberty on September 1. Producer-director Ken Carpenter’s docudrama (watch the trailer below) focuses on seven cases in the U.S. courts, including the Hobby Lobby case that the Supreme Court decided today. Rick Santorum‘s faith- and family-based company, which specializes in bringing “first-class, redemptive media to the marketplace,” as usual will screen the film in churches before its theatrical release.

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One Generation Away clearly presents the complex perspective on important issues, like the recent Hobby Lobby case, that your average Christian American doesn’t think about every day,” EchoLight Studios President Jeff Sheets said. “We hope to bring more attention to the critical times we are facing, and help Americans open their eyes to the reality that we are indeed closer than ever before to losing the religious freedoms that our ancestors so bravely fought to obtain.” The film is a co-production of Abington Ridge Films, American Family Studios, EchoLight Studios and Triple Horse Studios. Here’s the trailer: (more…)

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