This Year’s Political Ad Spending Will Soar, But With Mixed Signals For Broadcasters: Study

Here’s the good news for station owners and networks in an analysis of this year’s political media spending out today from ad forecasting firm Borrell Associates: Cash will continue to flood most markets, with broadcasters seeing $4.6B, an 11.5% increase over 2010, the previous midterm election year. The problem? Broadcast TV’s take represents 55.4% of the $8.3B to be spent for ads in all races and ballot issues — down from its 57.5% share of the $7.2B spent in 2010. Cable and online are “the only media choices projected to gain share” this year, the report says. Cable, with $719.3M, will account for 8.7%, up from 6.9% four years ago. And online’s $271.2M is up 1,825.2% vs its $14.1M in 2010. Although online will just account for three cents of every ad dollar spent on all of this year’s contests, “current forecasts call for explosive growth to continue, nearing the billion-dollar level by 2016’s Presidential election.” (more…)

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