Skype-Based Patent Clears Way For Low-Cost, Caller-Based Talk TV

Inventor Tom Wolzien just received the patent for his Skype-based Video Call Center technology, which means he can roll it out to TV or web providers who want to offer an affordable video version of talk radio. He says this will be “the first new TV content genre since the inception of reality TV two decades ago.” That’s a bold forecast; several readers understandably were skeptical more than a year ago when I first wrote about the idea. I’d join them — except that I also know that Wolzien is a guy who has earned the right to be taken seriously. Before he decided to dedicate himself to inventions (he already has several major patents), advising moguls, and serving as TiVo’s lead independent director, he was one of the smartest media analysts on Wall Street, and had been a top exec at NBC News. (more…)

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