Don't Believe Those Warner Bros Rumors

Making the rounds are rumors that Warner Bros president of production Kevin McCormick may be moving to a producing deal because he and boss Jeff Robinov don’t get along. And that Warner Bros execs Lynn Harris and Greg Silverman will take over Kevin’s job. This would be huge news — if it were true, and I’m saying it’s not — because McCormick is one of Hollywood’s most popular execs. “The rumor about Kevin has been spreading all day… and it is, honestly, nothing more than a rumor,” one insider informs me. I’m told that, just a few months ago, Kevin extended his deal very early. As far as Robinov and McCormick, they’ve always had a good personal relationship. But I’m told it’s certainly true that the first few months of Kevin’s tenure as president and Jeff’s as president of Warner Bros Pictures Group were “a little awkward” for both of them. “Each had just been promoted and each was figuring out the roles and boundaries of their respective positions,” one of my sources says. “But, in the last few months, they’ve really found their stride as a team, each learning how to take advantage of the other’s strengths.” So now I’ve set the record straight on that. Meanwhile, it’s time for Warner Bros bigwigs Barry Meyer and Alan Horn to make their new deals. I thought Barry wanted to retire, but I hear he’s signing on again. As for Horn, well, the rumor mill is working overtime there, too.

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