‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’: Will It Get Summer Box Office Out Of Its Funk?

Everyone has been hoping for Transformers: Age Of Extinction to pull the summer out of its box office flatline, and while it will be No. 1 this weekend, with a 2:45 minute play time and a huge budget (around $180M with another $140M+ for marketing ww) and with director Michael Bay getting 10% FDG and others like Mark Wahlberg and Steven Spielberg getting high participations as well, Paramount Pictures needs this one to blow the lid off. Image (8) box_office_weekend_3202008-12-22-1229966765__111124053707-150x150.jpg for post 735558Even toymaker Hasbro has gross participation (I hear maybe 5%). Will it be a $100M weekend? It certainly looked like it in its tracking earlier. Now, it depends. Its late night opening starts at 9 PM. If this movie doesn’t break $100M, it may take until November when we see a $100M weekend when Mockingjay opens from Lionsgate. Gulp. However, if it takes in $50M over the two days, it should easily get to or pass $100M. I would hope so as it’s in around 4,200 theaters and … get this … on 10,000 screens.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen also opened the weekend before July 4th in 2009. It grossed $62M on a Wednesday (included previews) and $30M on Thursday and by the end of the three day it had tallied $108.9M; the five-day was $200M. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon opened June 29 in 2011, had a $43M opening (included previews) and ended the three-day with $97.8M; in six days it grossed about $180M.

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